2 Blog Design: Phase 1 Complete

I know I said I wasn't going to post much this week, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut about this surprise. You may have heard hints about the blog redesign through facebook or blog comments but Phase 1 is officially complete.

With the blog event (blabbed briefly about here), what better time to unveil the lovely NAVIGATION!! Sure it was long overdue and a few weeks behind schedule (I was shooting for the 100th post) but -well- I hope it was worth the wait. Oh and if you were hanging out on my blog the past few days and saw some funky stuff, it was probably some sneaky coding er tests.

*Fingers crossed* there aren't any bugs, or typos. If there are would you tell me, right? Pretty Please?

Moment of silence.

Followed by a round-of-screaming-teenybopper-Justin-Bieber-fans to a sold-out stadium crowd. That is if he has any fans left after his bad boy streak.

That baby may not look like much, but it's jam packed full of secrets and organization. There's even hints at the new design, I'm sure you'll sense a theme real quick. Oh and check back often as some of the pages will continue to grow with more content- especially the advertising page. You know because I was lazy and threw in a few graphics here and there (sarcastic much).

Go ahead poke around; you may get a laugh or two at my expense. Come back here and tell me how awesome it works, how corny the jokes are (probably written at midnight), or that I'm a complete failure and staying up waaay passed my bedtime wasn't worth it. I must admit, maybe it was the lack of sleep, the cross-eyed coding, or the minimal trips to the fridge that caused such sassy pages. 

Maybe you could throw a few "wow you're genius" or "throw some more corny jokes my way" or my favorite "can you design EVERYTHING for me?!" kinda boosts- I wouldn't mind.

Now to spend more countless hours getting the rest of the blog up to snuff. Or take a nap. Or take a relaxing hot shower. Any of them sound amazing right now!

Happy Clicking!

Psst. Today's your last chance to enter the giveaway. Winner will be announced during tomorrow's What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays post.


  1. Looks good Trisha! And FYI there are a problems with the drop downs in internet explorer. I've been working on a little blog redesign too ... maybe we'll have to swap some coding tips. My big accomplishment thus far has been getting my date in "calendar style format". Next up is the navigation and sidebar. It'll involve some late nights and lots of coffee!

    1. Haha yes, lots of late nights right! I'd love to exchange notes! May I ask, what version of Internet Explorere do you have? Another user reported the same thing :/


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