16 Black and White Obsession’s 100th Blog Post

I am thrilled to introduce the 100th blog post since starting Black and White Obsession back in February of 2011. Although the blog was on hold for quite some time, bringing it back to life since December 2012 has been quite a remarkable journey.  This post is jam packed with so many goodies *cough|freebie and a giveaway|*cough. So hold on to your pants folks and let’s get this party started!

For those of you interested in specific things (*cough freebies and giveaways cough*) feel free to scroll to your favorite section.
Thanks | Freebie | Giveaway
Sections are divided off by this line break:

    Thank You!
    I wanted to start off by extending a big thank you to family, friends, new blog friends, and regular visitors for your generous support! Comments, texts, emails, social media shout outs really make my day each and every one!

    To honor of this big event I’d like to start off with a few awards, and to respect their privacy their initials are used.
    CK comes in 1st and shortly behind is MS.

    P.S. Comments are probably the best thing in the world. Who knows, maybe during the next milestone (say 1 year or something) you could acquire this incredible status!
    CK dang girl you really know how to share the love!
    DC man the dedication you showed during the failed yet exciting Goodwill Upcycle Contest. SK is a close runner up, thanks girl!
    Hands down my brother blogger from another mother Christina Bailey from Homemade Ocean!
    JF, CR, TS, JP, MC-L, and RW have a six-way tie for silent support. Silent as in-person, text, emails, etc for all those times when I randomly ask for advice. Really, for all the encouragement and support. I'm sure there's many more I'm forgetting, but maybe ya'll are a bit too silent.

    Last but not least:
    I think it's pretty self-explanatory who this award is going to- the BEAU! That boy I tell ya, he is an angel and I’m so grateful for that gorgeous Memorial Day weekend (when we first met). He’s made a ton of sacrifices and continues to let me follow my dreams. I am forever grateful!

    Desktop Wallpaper Freebie
    Do you have troubles keeping your desktop or even your files organized? I know I did. That’s where this desktop background comes into play. It’s super easy to drag and drop files into each category.
    The original inspiration came from this awesome contest. This desktop background has been a lifesaver for me since December 2011 and has gone through many changes. The most recent was the addition of the quote from an amazing friend of mine (yes he’s lucky enough to have DC as his initials!).
    Since it recently went through its final round of changes (well for now) I thought I’d extend it to my readers:
    Download sizes: 1024x768 | 1280x1024 | 1366x768 | 1600x1200 | 1680x1050 | 2560x1440

    Appreciate the download? Like Black and White Obsession on Facebook to help support future downloads.

    -Want to see more Free Template Downloads? They're cooling off the presses and available here. 

    One of my favorite blogs, Jen from IHeartOganizing beat me to the punch when she posted her neatly organized desktop freebie as well. You're welcome, now you have choices.

    I hope ya’ll are enjoying this jam-packed post as much as I did. As promised, it’s Giveaway time!

    Introducing the fabulously talented Jenna!  Jenna is just starting out in the jewelry buiz and I’m honored to be giving away her first piece! She creates these handcrafted pieces of art with love and dedication.
    Now tell me, how stylish is the whole piece?
    And to all you fellas, don’t be shy. I know gems and jewels may not be your jam, but surprising any special lady in your life like moms, sisters, cousins twice removed, best friends, girlfriends, wives, nieces, aunts, baby mamas, or whathaveyou is sure to give you brownie points! They could even work for a really belated Mother’s Day present!

    Let’s blow away this talented artist and shower her with love and support. Maybe it will be just the push she needs to follow her dreams! Enter the contest in the widget below:
    Black and White Obsession's Giveaway!
    For Contest Rules Click Here. For mobile click here.

    If you have jewelry design ideas or want a piece recreated from her collection on Facebook, shoot her an email or Facebook message or post!

    Oh boy, I could go on and on with more fun things, but whew, we made it to the end!


    1. Christopher RahnMay 21, 2013 at 8:57 PM

      This is brilliant advice. I do not post comments a lot, but I always love reading this blog. It is "Apple-ish" in it's design. Elegantly simple, yet packs a fun and humorous punch with some great content.

      Well done. Good work!

    2. Yay me!!!! Now the pressure is on to keep my titles!!!! And I could never brag you up enough Trisha--you are super talented!!! :)Can't wait to see what you will all accomplish!

    3. I am not on Twitter or Instagram so that is all I can do. I wanna win!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

      1. Instagram is a lot of fun! Twitter- well I'm still getting used to that one.

    4. Congrats on #100 and your first give away!

    5. Am I doing this right?

      1. Yes you are, comments don't always appear right away because they have to through a spam filter.

    6. Congratulations on your 100th post!


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