6 Adventures in Gardening: Planting Seeds

If you’re just joining, this little feature chronicles my newbie journey in an attempt to raise a garden.

Since we’re in the ‘cold’ region, the instructions (as well as some quick online research) told us to start the seedlings indoors counting back from the first anticipated frost date. Originally I wanted to plant February/early March but since we didn’t even purchase till March 17th, that wasn’t going to happen. Well time passed and our schedules went crazy. Ok, it really may have had more to do with the intimidating pile of seeds.  We finally planted mid-April, as in April 14th. Yikes!
So we gathered the supplies (I tell ya, this makes everything waaay easier):
1 *Trays | 2 Paper Towel | 3 Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Rolls | 4 Bowls | 5 Potting Soil |
6 Newspapers | 7 Cookie Sheets | 8 Seeds | 9 Paint + Popsicle Sticks (haven’t use yet) | 10 Nail File
| 11 Sharpie | 12 Scissors | 13 Sewing Pins | 14 Shallow Bowls
*The “trays” were free from a quick trip to the grocery store during a Powerade sale.

It all began with soaking the specific seeds which germinated better when soaked (according to the Planning and Research session) according to the temperature, time, and method. Some (like Cucumbers) required a wet paper towel to avoid drowning:
While others (like corn) required more water:
Although the research didn’t require it, I covered them with a wet paper towel to keep the moisture and heat in.
I found it easier to mark each bowl with the seed package (so I didn’t have to peak at the contents) and kept a little note by each with their requirements and when the seed was started.
The pumpkins required a bit more maintenance, in the form of filing, since their seed ‘shells’ were harder than others, making it more difficult for the plant to grow.
The instructions clearly indicated avoiding the pointed end:
Notice the difference in a filed vs unfiled pumpkin seed:
Peas also required a bit more care/preparation, in the form of poking a hole in the seed itself. Here’s where the pins came in handy.
As you can tell this was a bit time consuming:
Isn’t nature sweet:
Heart Shaped Pea
Like mentioned in the Planning and Research, we chose to plant our seedlings in newspaper pots. We pretty much followed the tutorial here except we didn’t have a ‘recessed bottom’ container and used a narrow glass.
I must say though, the pots had a hard time standing up, until filling them with potting soil.
Nothing a little Pinterest surfing couldn’t fix. This lovely alternative to paper pots may be a bit more fitting for square box trays (Pinterest here). And we have the first entry on the Lessons Learned tab:
Lastly, it was time finish them off. Admittedly, this part was a ‘wing it.’ Sure, each package recommended how far to space the plants apart but I also knew that germination and the selection process needed to occur. So some of the larger seeds only got three seeds (like Sunflowers) while the smaller (like Salvia) got as many as six per pot. I wish I would have documented this better to use for future plantings (lesson learned #2).

Today’s the 99th post which means the highly anticipated 100th post +1st ever giveaway will be revealed TOMORROW. So stay tuned!

Want to follow along with Adventures in Gardening? Here’s the Beginning, Planning and Research, and a Garden D├ęcor Tutorial.


  1. WOW! These tips are awesome! I'm still a "green thumb in training" so I can definitely put some of these to use when I get around to starting our little garden! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Haha I'm still training. Spoil alert: sadly, a few plants may have passed away in my care this season.

  2. Christopher RahnMay 21, 2013 at 9:33 PM

    Was it coincidence that you decided to use Dilbert? :) Excellent.

    1. Maybe, maybe not. I love trying to sneak in fun things whenever possible. Dilbert is the best. I had quite a few floating around the 'ol office desk in my PM days.

  3. I like the heart-shaped pea :)

    1. If you notice in the pile of seeds, there is another cute heart in there too.


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