2 Adventures in Gardening: Planning & Research + An Announcement

Being a true beginner on anything sort of freaks me out. It puts me into research mode like crazy. Since we pulled the trigger and bought seeds, it was then time to get our garden on.

Fist up planting the seedlings.
One of my favorite bloggers enlightened me that newspapers can be shaped into a seedling pot. You can even plant them in the ground with the paper attached (it will decompose). She has a witty tutorial over there.

Next, seed preparation. And let me tell ya, eHow was my new best friend. I simply searched for all the veggie species and figured out which ones benefited from soaking. Here are my findings: 

Soak: Bowl
Temp: Warm
Time: less than 12 hours
Depth: 1 inch above seed 
Soak: Paper towel
Time: less than 48 hours
Other: prick outer shell with sharp object 
Soak: Covered bowl
Temp: Warm
Time: 24 hours
Other: seeds should swell and/or lighten in color 
(oldie but hopefully goodie)
Soak: Bowl
Temp: Warm
Time: Couple hours
Other: File the edges of the seed 
Soak: Paper towel
Temp: Warm
Time: overnight

The rest of the plants didn’t get any special seed treatment this year.

Next, planning.
Admittedly I have a little bit of work to do in this area. After reading through many, many articles, we decided to try our hand at square foot gardening without beds.

We chose this method because of its many benefits including:
  • Less maintenance
  • Less waste
  • Less weeds
  • More efficient
And probably most important to us is space. We want to utilize our backyard for other things besides a garden. Most articles and photos show raised beds as the only option, however I stumbled upon this forum which confirms:
  1. It is possible
  2. Another (assumingly similar) method is called biointensive gardening- which I must research after my head stops spinning.
We can’t forget that visuals help a lot; don’t these look like picture perfect gardens?

Anyway, these two articles will serve as my square foot garden planning manuals: spacing and companion planting.

I also learned a lot from this youtube channel on square foot gardening. If I hadn’t watched the future farms episode, I may never have learned:
1. Tomatoes take a lot of room
2. Less space when using the ‘single stem’ method
3. Trellis’s  are vital to certain plants if conserving space.
Phew that’s enough knowledge transfer for one day.

And finally the announcement you have all been waiting for…
In 9 short posts I’m reaching the first Black and White Obsession milestone- 100 posts! To celebrate the big 100, I’m hosing my first giveaway! So stay tuned for a jam-packed fun-filled post.

What do you think of square foot gardens? Have any tips to share? Are you as excited for the 100th post?


  1. Congratulations!!!

    1. Thanks Cortney! The post is going to be a lot of fun (at least I think so haha)!


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