2 What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 19

Update 6/4/13: The original post was completed using Bloggers Android App and the composition was messy.

I'm on the on the road hoping the weather stays clear in my path.

Anyway it's Friday which means it's time for another installment of What I Wore Fantastic Friday.
It's a Special Edition, because it's time to announce the giveaway winner.

2 Blog Design: Phase 1 Complete

I know I said I wasn't going to post much this week, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut about this surprise. You may have heard hints about the blog redesign through facebook or blog comments but Phase 1 is officially complete.

With the blog event (blabbed briefly about here), what better time to unveil the lovely NAVIGATION!! Sure it was long overdue and a few weeks behind schedule (I was shooting for the 100th post) but -well- I hope it was worth the wait. Oh and if you were hanging out on my blog the past few days and saw some funky stuff, it was probably some sneaky coding er tests.

*Fingers crossed* there aren't any bugs, or typos. If there are would you tell me, right? Pretty Please?

7 So much to do, so little time + Blog Roundup

“I have a confession my friend”

Foo Fightersif you’re reading, your lyrics are so catchy.

This coming weekend marks my very first blogging event and I decided as soon as I purchased the ticket (the day before my birthday, so less than a month ago) that I wanted to DIY a bunch of things. Yep, to add to the pressure of my first event I probably took on more than I can chew.
Source- Edible Poster, YES please!
There’s just not enough hours in each day. Do you ever feel that way?

That being said, after a difficult decision, posts will have to suffer. I know, you may be thinking isn’t that counterproductive to the marketing potential this coming weekend? Why yes, but I’m so excited/nervous/busy tackling the to do list (in all of its color-coded glory):

that I can barely sleep from the whole mind-wander thing. I can’t let you peak at everything, you’ll just have to wait on a recap/tutorial or some kind of post in the near future.

4 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 18

Yay, its Friday! Not just any Friday, Memorial Weekend Friday. Yep a great day it is.

0 Entryway Plan

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

If you are just joining, I’m making my way around the house according to a reader poll I took a while back, showing how we worked on each room, leaving out the furniture, and decorations (my favorite part). Don’t worry they’re the next series once we’ve made the first pass. Call it the nitty-gritty to wowza paint make-overs, if you will.

So far we’ve tackled the Living Room/Office, Kitchen, 2nd floor including falling a little for one of mother nature’s most helpful creatures (aka bats), our bedroom, and finally  2nd Bedroom turned Laundry Room. And now it’s time to move onto the Entryway.

16 Black and White Obsession’s 100th Blog Post

I am thrilled to introduce the 100th blog post since starting Black and White Obsession back in February of 2011. Although the blog was on hold for quite some time, bringing it back to life since December 2012 has been quite a remarkable journey.  This post is jam packed with so many goodies *cough|freebie and a giveaway|*cough. So hold on to your pants folks and let’s get this party started!

6 Adventures in Gardening: Planting Seeds

If you’re just joining, this little feature chronicles my newbie journey in an attempt to raise a garden.

Since we’re in the ‘cold’ region, the instructions (as well as some quick online research) told us to start the seedlings indoors counting back from the first anticipated frost date. Originally I wanted to plant February/early March but since we didn’t even purchase till March 17th, that wasn’t going to happen. Well time passed and our schedules went crazy. Ok, it really may have had more to do with the intimidating pile of seeds.  We finally planted mid-April, as in April 14th. Yikes!

3 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 17

What I wore-Fantastic Fridays was on vacation last week. This Friday, the beau took off for our town’s annual garage sale. We got up super early and dug in the change jar for quarters, only for the rain to squish our dreams.  We did pick up some pretty awesome finds.

10 High heels, like Martinis, are a cause worth suffering for

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

I don’t know about you but shoes and Martinis have definitely caused me slight pain and suffering over the years, but that hasn't stopped me yet and I'll keep strut-tining on (hold on while I coin that term).

Technically this post was supposed to happen when we get to the finishing stage on each room (after the remodel), but I couldn’t resist sharing this easy transformation.

My sweet boyfriend knew there was a shoe problem when the temporary box they were hiding in couldn’t fit them all anymore:
Noteworthy things:
  1. Please forgive the crappy phone shot.
  2. Yes, that is our microwave in the laundry room, that’s totally normal during remodeling, right?!
  3. I do own some comfy shoes as in those mega-comfortable Etnies skater shoes.

2 Puppy sitting

If ya’ll follow me in Instagram (if not, maybe you should get on that already) or saw this post, you may have noticed a certain furry friend.
Just look at those puppy eyes. Gets me every time.
You see a few weeks ago one of my sisters (I have a few and it will make sense later) went on vacation and didn’t bring me, instead used me for my backyard kindly asked me to watch her pup- Kaiah while she was away. And, um, how can I say no; you know besides the fact that I’m pretty much a Yes woMan (Jim Carey fans anyone?).

5 Spring Pinterest Challenge Tutorial: Cement Goodies

Wednesday you saw the Pinterest Challenge reveal and I’m back today with a tutorial (delayed but its jam packed I promise!) on how to make Cement Garden Decorations. Hope you’re ready for this jelly!
Never heard of the Pinterest Challenge? Well its completely unofficial (not sponsored by Pinterest) and hosted by two of the biggest DIY'er home bloggers (in my book) and two additional co-hosts each season. It’s basically a challenge to get up off your tush, start making some of those pins, share all about it, and best of all a huge link fest to continue inspiring. 

Before we get into a step by step tutorial here’s a handy video highlighting some of the main points:

Video notes:
  • Guess a Speedy Gonzales sounded pretty awesome at the time.
  • Those bird noises randomly placed throughout the video? They were the actual audio from the painting experience. Country living has its peaceful perks.
*For those on mobile try youtube here or Apple here.

4 Spring Pinterest Challenge- Outdoor Stepping Stones + Other Cement Goodies

For the record, that’s probably the longest title I’ve ever busted out.

Last week, the lovely blog ladies (Sherry, Katie and guest hosts: Emily and Renee) announced my favorite challenge:

My first three thoughts were:
1. The best birthday present ever, way to pick the perfect day for that reveal?
2. Followed immediately with: Crap it’s my birthday week; can I really pull this off? Ahh well- shopping FRIDAY and worry about the rest come Monday.
3. OUTDOORS baby!

2 Patches and Shelves

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

After installing pipes to bring water into our laundry room, it was time to bring this room to the next level.

I have to say, it’s rewarding both financially and mother-earthly to reuse materials whenever possible. This room was no different. We were able to salvage these closet doors and repurpose them into shelves (I’ll explain in a bit):

We started off filling the opening left behind when we tore down the closets. Since the old drop ceiling tile would have had about a 6 inch gap (to support the wall) left of wood studs, we improvised. Here’s the best before shot of the gap before:
And we were in luck; the beau’s boss had some extra tile lying around the shop that weren’t being used. With the boss’s permission he used them to cover the hole. Gotta love free!

He simply positioned them and attached them using a few screws.

0 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 16

Update: Attention Readers- the posting schedule during the week of May 6-10 be slightly modified due to the Spring Pinterest Challenge on Wednesday! Posts will be Tuesday-Friday this week. So stay tuned and send some good vibes that the project will be completed in time!

Today’s an exceptionally awesome Friday, as we’re preparing for an equally awesome weekend. So let’s get down to business.

2 Adventures in Gardening: Planning & Research + An Announcement

Being a true beginner on anything sort of freaks me out. It puts me into research mode like crazy. Since we pulled the trigger and bought seeds, it was then time to get our garden on.

Fist up planting the seedlings.
One of my favorite bloggers enlightened me that newspapers can be shaped into a seedling pot. You can even plant them in the ground with the paper attached (it will decompose). She has a witty tutorial over there.

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