4 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 12

Welcome back to this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Fridays! If you are new here, I took the regular “what I wore segments” and put a little spin on it. You know since I don’t have a dress code at home and all. Then each week I try to guess what the boyfriend will say and report back the following week. Feel free to scroll to the bottom and follow the posts through each week.

Let's begin with the:

Last week I wore an all red outfit and predicted:
And he said “Be my Valentine.” Awe. Way better than my prediction. Oh and we ended up getting some much deserved Mai Tais er drinks last weekend.

Final Score: I really thought the Mai Tie was clever, but not even close. That’s 7 for 11. Lucky gas station numbers? Maybe I’ll play em in the lottery?

And this week's outfit has a theme:

Let’s play a game. Find Waldo, er Wanda, er Trisha with the waldo shirt:
(right click and open in new tab/window for larger size)
The original castle photo can be found here.

Ok so we’ve already established that I’m super geeky, but who didn’t love finding Waldo as a kid? Yeah this girl LOVED the books, my parents purchased two and then every time we went to the library I checked out the latest version. I vividly remember this one:
Ahh the good ‘ol days.

Since this week is different, my prediction is that he will play Where's Trisha and he will find me.

Last little fun is this neato Infographic (aren’t infographics awesome?!):

And that’s it my friends, is this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Friday. Hope ya’ll have a Waldo-tastic Friday and a stellar weekend!

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  1. Am I supposed to make a comment anywhere for the contest? :) I am so not savvy! lol

    1. You are so cute Cortney! Anyway you do it is fine :)


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