2 The Good 'Ol Outdoors

If ya’ll follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, you may have noticed a theme lately. And that theme is outdoors. 
It should be no surprise to us Northerners that the weather hasn’t warmed up; yes we fully understand it’s the end of April. I feel for the weather people in our state because it is so unpredictable. This coming weekend we’re supposed to finally see some spring temperatures in which I cannot contain my excitement enough.

Either way, the beau and I have been DYING to get outside. We’ve been cooped up too long and have been itching to do something besides house work and watching TV. Although those are nice, I’d say we have a huge case of cabin fever. Last weekend we were so desperate for some good ‘ol Vitamin D that we sucked it up and did some yard work.

We’re hoping to tackle:
-A huge pile of sticks and tree scraps- which need to be burned.
-Plant some trees.
-Clean up leaves around the property.

We hope to have it all looking better before my birthday in a little over a week. If we’re speedy maybe we’ll try our hand at rain barrels and starting our compost pile.
Sneak peak at our rain barrel stock.
Oh how I dream to take our rain barrels from drab to fab. A little Pinterest inspiration was right up my alley this morning:

A “couple” of rain barrels.
An Elephant showering himself. How cute is the pattern on the Elephant’s skin?!

BY FAR this has to be my favorite, because it's ridiculously creative:
And a close second:
Some more eye candy:

A tribute to the 80's (I really like the flow of the design):

Last but not least, the most awesome and for all those Star Wars Fans out there:
I already have one design in mind for sure; let’s just hope it turns out the way I envision.

Another small project we wanted to tackle was starting our own compost pile. I’m really digging this design. Let’s see if the beau will agree and help me make it become a reality.

What are you excited for this coming weekend? Are you looking forward to warmer weather?


  1. Oh man, the R2D2 rain barrel!! <3

    1. Isn't it cool?! I can't wait to see if there's an artist in me- that or a really good 'tracer' haha.


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