4 Tearing it up

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

Update 5/7/13: "Tearing up my heart bedroom..."

Do you remember the old days when there wasn't the uber classy/stylish Justin Timberlake  singing Suit and Tie and round 2 of boybands were just breaking into the scene? It was all about strategic dancing with a bunch of your closest friends, TRL, and the dreamy Carson Daily.

Overshare time: imagine 8th grade me having a school project in communications class to present a lip sync performance. Yep I chose my good 'ol teenage craze best friends JT + *NSync (P.S. can you believe the other band members have websites?). There was some swanky choreography, baggy jeans and an oversized T-shirt, and some sunglass chucking into the 'crowd' of class mates. Too bad we didn't have video-recording cell phones back then...

I don't know why the title connection didn't occur to me until two weeks later. 

Alright back to this millenniumLast week Thursday we shared with you guys that a good portion of our living quarters was getting moved around. Specifically, our second bedroom was going to be converted into a multi-functioning laundry room/walk-in closet. I left off with some demo:

But before we get into demolition, let’s revisit what the room looked like before we took a crowbar and Sawzall to it.

The closets were taking up too much space and HAD to go.

The beau started off by removing the sliding doors, the drawers, and then the hardware on the cabinet.
Some improvement:
He then removed the trim piece surrounding the cabinet and we both tugged the shelving out.
We briefly thought about using the wood for firewood but quickly found the shelving would be a great storage addition to our garage.

After the main guts were removed:
He then removed the pesky little trim details:
He then busted out the big bad tool (aka Sawzall) to trim away the headers and the partial pieces of paneling.
Some more progress:
Switching to the pry bar for horizontal studs and quickly back to using the Sawzall to separate the frame from the drop ceiling.
Oops looks like the saw dust is shining through the light rays.
Next came the corner stud:
After cutting the base away he used a rocking motion to remove the vertical boards. And after all the demo we were left with an odd shaped room:

Can you believe we actually squeezed this little demo in after work? All in a day’s work.
Were you the biggest *NSync fan? Did you have a communications project to lip sync or do something out of the ordinary? I want details people!

Want to follow along with the 2nd bedroom turned Laundry Room progression? Here's plans for the 2nd bedroom.


  1. Stopping by from YHL forum. That is an impressive amount of wood paneling you've got! Cheers from Minnesota (although I'll always be a cheesehead at heart).

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca! I have quite a few friends/family from Minnesota. Glad to hear you're a cheesehead!

      Just about every room in the house has paneling. Sigh, some day we will replace it all.

  2. There's GOTTA be a way to make wood paneling look good... I don't know what it is but there has to be a way! Hahaha I don't blame you for ripping it up, but for some reason I always feel sad when I see people shun wood paneling. Something in me wants to rescue it and make it live again. That being said, I still can't wait to see how this room looks when it's done!

    1. Hi Megan!

      Thanks for stopping by. We haven't gotten rid of the paneling yet. I should be posting the next phase of the room next week, so stay tuned!

      I feel sad too when we can't incorporate old building materials, I hate wasting. However, we usually have a thing or two up our sleves on how to use them somewhere else.


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