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Another treasure the previous owners left behind was this charming old bucket. And I’m sure you can’t guess how I was going to update it.

If you guessed spray paint, well 100 points to you. I think it could be a sad addiction. Either way I have yet to find something that doesn’t look updated with a fresh coat of paint (please don’t prove me wrong decorating Gods).
Paint Source
Instead of soap and water, this one got a fierce once over with a towel to clean the spider webs and some scraping for their shiver-worthy nests. Initially, I used Rustoleum’s 2x’s coverage in Dark Walnut as the color choice but after one coat it didn’t seem to have a different look to it.

So another coat went on just to see if it would help.
Nope, nada. It just wasn’t the wow factor/dramatic difference I was going for. I think it almost made the charming scratches (for real- I’m pro vintage and loving touches) and dents that much more noticeable in a bad way. Plus there really wasn’t much of a difference between the before and after, see?

So after about ¾ can, it was safe to throw in the towel, scrap that idea, and cut the losses. Actually, since we already had a few other things to return, I tried my hand at returning the extra unopened can. To my surprise they happily accepted. Score!

A few weeks later and I was onto plan B. Bright and cheery Key Lime Green (as mentioned during the bench transformation) was sure to fill those dramatic shoes.

While I had the spray paint out, what else got a nice dose of Key Lime? These beauts:
The two grey ones were purchased at a random garage sale on my way to work last summer. I think I scored both of them for $1. The red reflector- left behind and found when we cleaned the garage.
And a name plaque my pops picked up for me on one of his travels.
The bird one is currently MIA as the boyfriend hasn't fix the stem yet.
But back to the star of this show, here is the finished bucket. 
It was a foggy and gloomy morning when this was shot.
The inside was only painted about ¼ ways down because I planned to use it as a planter. There was a brief moment where I considered it as an ice bucket but thought we would hold out for some clearance and purchase shiny new one.

As usual, a side by side:

Are you pro-green or pro-brown for this transformation? 

P.S. We were not paid or perked from any of these vendors; we just happily picked up the supplies necessary for the job.

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