3 My Votes for CWTS (+ what it inspired)

So I’m back today to share my votes from the past two weeks of Creating with the Stars hosted by East Coast Creative.

Granted it seems as though I could spend all day (and have in the past) surfing the net for inspiration. So today, I vow to write the post and FINISH some outstanding projects I’ve been working on. Oh and next year, I’m totally entering one of the pieces I work on this summer and hopefully I’ll be working my tush off for a month sweating bullets each result week!

Of course I’m not leaking my vote for this week’s final vote you know just in case I sway the votes somehow. Either way, you should go vote now as I’m sure the results will be neck and neck.

Onto the link-blasting because here is how I voted for Round 2:

Round 2’s theme was Knock Off, and I couldn’t help but drool over the fabulous wood tiled dresser made by Amanda @ Love and Renovations. I wonder if they had a head start on the piece because there were close to a bagillion pieces of wood tile. I could totally see me attempting to make such a creation as a surprise gift to the boyfriend, you know as long as I don’t lose a finger in the process. I’m so delighted the dresser was chosen as the winner for the round.

The next two were so close I declare them tied, I couldn’t choose between the sharpie plates from Sara @ While they Snooze and the wall lamp from Janel @ Nellie Bellie. Even though they went bake-less sharpie plates, I’ve totally wanted to try my hand at the ever popular baking trend. Maybe with this fabulous 50 cent goodwill coffee mug I picked up the other day will be the next culprit:
And let’s not forget the copper piping was crazy charming. I guess I didn’t even know such lamp existed. Maybe it’s high time I visit more design stores or window shop online.

I know I declared my newfound love for Nancy @ Owen’s Olivia during my first round recap but shucks I didn’t vote for her Lighted Sign, she totally tricked me.

All three projects and the lighted sign made it to the third round. Whoomp there it is- as young as I was pronounced it Whoop der it is- what that saying isn’t making a comeback?! Awe shucks Tag Team ain’t back again.

I’ll let you in on a little secret for Round 3 I only voted for two even though we were allowed three votes. Shocking, a rebel I know. Either way, hopefully it counted! Oh and the theme for Round 3 was paint.

Guess either I’m fully attracted to the map trend or I was in love with the way they each made their pieces work for them. I was definitely drooling over Sarah @ While They Snooze’s Map Coffee table. Sadly the work of art didn’t make it to another round but I’m in love with the color combo and the technique used to smudge the paint.  Guess I voted for her all three rounds though!

My second vote was the week’s winner with a mural and dresser- yay! It could have been the contrast wall, you know black and white (my obsession?! har har). Or that lovely pop of bright and cheery yellow. Who can forget about the surprise gloss vs flat paint trick? Man I’ve always wanted to try that technique too.

Sadly neither of my votes were for Nancy @ Owen’s Olivia and she was also voted off the creative island during round three, super bummer! But her Horse Couch was definitely charming. The fact that she had carved out that horse shows true dedication. Maybe I should have saved my vote for her. Either way, I’m still going to continue to read her fabulous blog.

All the ladies did such an amazing job each and every week, I'm sure the pressure alone was a lot to handle. Maybe this is the giddy feeling people from watching American Idol or some other competition show, but I CANNOT WAIT until Wednesday to find out who is the winner!! I hope the blog I voted for wins!

Did you follow the Creating With the Stars Competition? What did you vote for? Do you get crazy excited over competitions?


  1. I didn't know about this write-up??? It's awesome!! And I agree with your assessment. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Janel! I hope all the hard work you did is paying off!

  3. Awesome post! Thanks for the votes :)


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