2 Goodwill Upcycle Contest

I finished the project for the Goodwill Upcycle Contest, just in the nick of time yesterday. It was certainly a close call and I’m pretty sure the paint is still drying.

It all started when I got this email from Goodwill a few weeks back when they announced the contest:
And boy do I love me a challenge with a deadline.

I won’t bore overwhelm you with the tutorial details today, you know since I started drafting the tutorial for the two week project and it was waay too long for a post where I beg politely ask for your help in voting. That post will be here tomorrow. I know shocker, as posts aren’t scheduled on Wednesdays, but I missed Monday so the week’s schedule had a curveball.

So let’s cut to the visuals, the before and after of the Director’s Chair project:
Sure it was a little labor of love for two weeks (did I mention there were some Photography deadlines mixed in just for fun), but they’re done and I’m super proud and in love. I can’t believe the designs turned out better than I imagined.

Before I go further I did want to give inspirational credit where due- the batman chair inspiration came from this remarkable Etsy Seller.
Of course it isn’t an exact replica, I replaced out the buildings and omitted the windows and moved things around to fit my canvas. Either way, feel free to stop over there and check out the shop.

And here’s where I ask a huge favor. The voting opened today where you can vote for your favorite project (cough, cough please pick me!) on Goodwill’s Upcycle contest here (The contest has now ended, sadly the chairs didn't make the top 25). If you’re searching for mine:
  • On mobile: click “View More” 3 times and the directors chairs are the last one in the first row. 
  • Browser:  Scroll down 17th row and it is the 2nd one in.
It only takes a minute. You are allowed to cast your vote one time per day, so come back multiple times and share the love and support! I hope I don’t bug you too much with Facebook alerts and reminders on the posts until it closes April 22nd. I’d be the happiest person alive if I actually won something!

Who knows I may do something special if I win, like give something away- so stay tuned. Oh and if you have any ideas on a giveaway- besides my first born or the house- send ideas away.

What do you think about the update? What are your favorite films? Do you like director’s chairs, maybe you have a thing for egg chairs instead?

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  1. Hi, there! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. I just have to say what a wonderful job you did on the upcycling. I love the Simpsons and Batman detail on the back of the chairs. :)

    1. Thank you Alisha! And thanks for stopping by. It was a lot of fun!


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