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This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

Last time we left off, we were just saving the bats and with the Living Room/Office, Kitchen, and 2nd floor out of the way, it’s time to move onto the Bedroom per reader request:
Admittedly this room was probably the most decent room in the house. Remove, Clean, Paint, Carpet, and Seal.
The first thing to go was the curtains. Then, just like the other rooms, we scrubbed away the smoke residue by cleaning the walls with a strong bleach mixture. After that, we used the paint sprayer and a few coats of primer and coated the ceilings and paneling.
On one of the Menards trips, we picked up another gallon of $5 ‘oops paint.’ This time it happens to be a Sage color:

Since the beau was busy elsewhere in the house, I cut in one wall followed by rolling before moving onto another wall. The color went on quite well and we only needed one coat with minor touch-ups.

After hours and hours of painting (we pretty much painted the whole house in a week or so) it was nice to move onto the next finishing stage- carpet removal. 
Gah that carpet was dirty, dusty, and just too orange. We thank the decorating Gods that we had such nice hardwood floors underneath.
The top left with the sunlight is probably the best representation of the wall color.

Our method for carpet removal was just to use a box cutter and cut the carpet into strips, being careful not to push all the way through to the flooring. Then roll each section up and tie with random rope.
The yellow in the photo is an example of the floor padding that stuck to the hardwood. We carefully used a scrapper to lift up the offending places and brought in the Shop-Vac for reinforcement. Also somehow all the paint cans from the other rooms gathered in here while working on bigger projects elsewhere.

After clearing away everything stashed in the room and another sweep and vacuum came time for a top layer of polyurethane.
1 Semi Gloss| 2 Wool Applicator, Image Source
 And the finished product:
Of course the Poly was still drying and in person the floors have less shine to them. If you look closely, there is an awkward line on the trim. We left all carpeting in the rooms to serve as our drop cloths, and in this room we made the mistake of leaving the trim on. Call it lack of sleep or pure laziness, either way, bad idea.
So we removed the failed trim and painted some scraps the boyfriend collected over the years.

Much better.

The heater vents also got an update with a couple sprays of Rustoleum metal in white and a few scrap boards for support.

Outlet covers were updated for 19 cents each. Sure some of the primer didn’t cover the ivory outlet part, but it still helps a little. Ok fine, it's wonky.

We removed the useless/random light switch, sorry angels. It still needs to be painted to blend better.

All finished:

My personal favorite is the difference a little paint makes on the ceiling. Although it's a bit hard to tell the true difference from this rendition:
Although we can’t wait to drywall everything one day, minus the dust-everywhere part.

The room breakdown would be something like:
Primer- already counted on other projects
Polyurethane- already counted on other projects
Oops Paint- $5
Outlet Covers- $0.57
Light Switch cover- lying around
Total: $5.57

Best deal in our house yet. Wouldn’t be a post without a before and after:

What transformations have you been working on lately?


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  1. Awesome job lady! It looks lovely :) its amazing what paint can do!

  2. Thanks Jenna! I can't wait to show off the rooms with furniture!


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