3 Adventures in Gardening

The title could easily be confused with Adventures in Babysitting:
In honor of Earth Day yesterday, today I begin telling the tale of my adventures in Gardening. I should start off and say, we’re total noobs, newbs, newbies, beginners, or any other synonym you can think of. I was hoping this series could serve as a mini-journal to show progress and document things that worked for us and things that weren’t quite right.  Then, each year we could make improvements.

Sure, whenever I used to think of gardening, I would think of sweet beautifully aged people creating a yard of beauty with their hands and a little imagination on hot summer afternoons. But I came around when my brother-in-law started a veggie garden a few years back. The vegetables were just so ‘fresh’ that I knew as soon as I had the opportunity, I’d want to try my hand at a green thumb someday.  

Well that someday has arrived, almost a year after we purchased our amazing lot er home.
Remember, we bought our house for the yard!

Since last year was full of interior house updates with stark deadlines, we wanted this summer to be easy going which meant switching focus to curb appeal. It also may have had a lot to do with the boyfriend’s parent’s generous chainsaw birthday present. Either way, there’s just something about having a mini-farmers market in our own backyard.

Back to the real topic at hand, our garden. It all started with a routine trip to Wal-Mart back in March (the 17th to be exact). We happen to head to the clearance section (you never know what you can find there) which meant walking past all the garden paraphernalia. So I turned and gave the best puppy eyes to the beau and it worked like a charm. The beau approved ‘just a few’ seeds so that we could start small and work our way up in years to come.

I’m sure the expert gardeners may be shaking their shovels and pruning shears at me telling me to at least head to a farmers market or order them online (you know like one of my favorite sarcastic blogs)  But this was our first year and we figure why not make it cost effective for now until we have our garden bearings.

So we ended up with three kinds of tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, pumpkin, watermelon, sweat peas, a variety of flowers including the beautiful sunflower. Photobomb time:

Guess we like Tomatoes huh?
I don't think any garden should be without Corn!
I really hope the Cucumbers make it because besides Tomatoes, these are my favorite.
Is it weird that I like Snap Peas but not peas out of their pods?
 Mmm Watermelon anything makes my mouth water.
The package promised HUGE pumpkins 70" around, and can weigh up to 100 lbs. Let's see if Burpee can live up to that promise!
I'm really looking forward to Sunflowers- they're such a large and beautiful flower. A neighbor down the street has these in their garden, so hopefully I can keep ours alive!
I chose the Salvia Bonfire because they reminded me of snapdragons. If they were purple they would remind me of my childhood snapping all the flowers buds I could find, hmm maybe my pops will borrow me a few of his plants.

The rest of the flowers were chosen for their round flower heads. Can you believe all those flowers were 20 cents?! I mean plus the cost of soil, that's crazy cheap!

One thing we did not skimp on was the potting soil.
On a sisterly shopping day to Menards (what, girls can go to man stores together?!) she picked out the potting soil her hubby uses and threw it in the cart.

For a bit of organization I also created a 2013 Garden spreasheet with a cost tab. The goal is to track cost, lessons learned, etc.
Dorktastic for sure!
Those were the main supplies we needed to get started. Up next on the Garden Diaries, research (everyone’s favorite huh?) sometime next week.

Did you watch Adventures in Babysitting when you were younger? What's your favorite fresh vegetable? Do you love Farmers Markets? Have you tried your hand at gardening? Feel free to share any and all tips you may have in the comments below. The beau and I sure could use all the advice we can get!


  1. Looks good!! Once we buy our house I may have to hit you up for some tips. I do NOT have a green thumb and will need all the help I can get. Lol

  2. Thanks Nikki! I'm still learning myself and I'd love to exchange tips. I can't wait until you guys get a house, I'll be there anytime you need haha!

  3. Aww thanks! It won't be for a while tho. We're hoping for next year some time *fingers crossed*


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