0 Plumbing the Laundry Room

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

So remember back when we painted the living room and showed off some ‘oops’ paint colors with a TBD marking? Well the time had come to finally put the funky chocolate color to good use in the laundry room.

I call the wall color ‘chocolate.’ Admittedly it was a bit darker that I would have preferred and besides the ‘grain’ the color didn’t seem too far away from the wood panel look. I’m still deciding if that’s what I was going for.

2 99 problems and a level floor...

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

“We’ve got 99 problems and a level floor is one.” Alright, rapping isn’t my strong suit.

Anyway, last Wednesday we left off with the 2nd bedroom/laundry room looking like this:
Since we were reconfiguring the bathroom layout and converting the 2nd bedroom into a laundry room, it was time to knock down the wall and square off each room. 
I realize that some of this post may overlap in a future bathroom post since we were working in both rooms at the same time. So shade your eyes and pretend like you didn’t see any bathroom stuff mmk?

0 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 15

Oh boy, realized too late that someone forgot to press publish. Guess it’s a Fantastic Saturday!

Let’s Doooo this! Can I get a what what, it’s FRRRIIIDAAAY! Which means it’s time for What I Wore Fantastic Fridays.

2 The Good 'Ol Outdoors

If ya’ll follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, you may have noticed a theme lately. And that theme is outdoors. 
It should be no surprise to us Northerners that the weather hasn’t warmed up; yes we fully understand it’s the end of April. I feel for the weather people in our state because it is so unpredictable. This coming weekend we’re supposed to finally see some spring temperatures in which I cannot contain my excitement enough.

Either way, the beau and I have been DYING to get outside. We’ve been cooped up too long and have been itching to do something besides house work and watching TV. Although those are nice, I’d say we have a huge case of cabin fever. Last weekend we were so desperate for some good ‘ol Vitamin D that we sucked it up and did some yard work.

4 Tearing it up

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

Update 5/7/13: "Tearing up my heart bedroom..."

Do you remember the old days when there wasn't the uber classy/stylish Justin Timberlake  singing Suit and Tie and round 2 of boybands were just breaking into the scene? It was all about strategic dancing with a bunch of your closest friends, TRL, and the dreamy Carson Daily.

Overshare time: imagine 8th grade me having a school project in communications class to present a lip sync performance. Yep I chose my good 'ol teenage craze best friends JT + *NSync (P.S. can you believe the other band members have websites?). There was some swanky choreography, baggy jeans and an oversized T-shirt, and some sunglass chucking into the 'crowd' of class mates. Too bad we didn't have video-recording cell phones back then...

I don't know why the title connection didn't occur to me until two weeks later. 

Alright back to this millenniumLast week Thursday we shared with you guys that a good portion of our living quarters was getting moved around. Specifically, our second bedroom was going to be converted into a multi-functioning laundry room/walk-in closet. I left off with some demo:

3 Adventures in Gardening

The title could easily be confused with Adventures in Babysitting:
In honor of Earth Day yesterday, today I begin telling the tale of my adventures in Gardening. I should start off and say, we’re total noobs, newbs, newbies, beginners, or any other synonym you can think of. I was hoping this series could serve as a mini-journal to show progress and document things that worked for us and things that weren’t quite right.  Then, each year we could make improvements.

Sure, whenever I used to think of gardening, I would think of sweet beautifully aged people creating a yard of beauty with their hands and a little imagination on hot summer afternoons. But I came around when my brother-in-law started a veggie garden a few years back. The vegetables were just so ‘fresh’ that I knew as soon as I had the opportunity, I’d want to try my hand at a green thumb someday.  

Well that someday has arrived, almost a year after we purchased our amazing lot er home.
Remember, we bought our house for the yard!

0 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 14

“This is how we do it. It’s Friday Night and I feel all right.”

Since it is Friday, here is another installment of What I Wore, Fantastic Fridays.

0 Room #2: Plans

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

The title, not to be confused with the other Number 2. You know this one:
I think the bedroom post was the quickest room I’ve covered thus far  one post and it’s done, must be some sort of record. Either way it’s time to move onto the Second Bedroom per reader request, is the little info graphic drilled in your brain yet after 4 whole rooms?
In order for the next posts to make sense I figured it’d be best to show you the floor plan and how things were going to change:

Don’t see it? How about a closer look:

Hover over image and it’s even more obvious.
Surprise!! Instead of a second bedroom we decided to convert it into a laundry room/walk in closet. Many of you may be shaking your head at the screen right now. Maybe you’re thinking “resale value? On a one bedroom?!” or “what about guests, or kids?” Well here are the problems and our reasoning:

2 Bow Chicka Wow Wow er The Bedroom

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

Last time we left off, we were just saving the bats and with the Living Room/Office, Kitchen, and 2nd floor out of the way, it’s time to move onto the Bedroom per reader request:
Admittedly this room was probably the most decent room in the house. Remove, Clean, Paint, Carpet, and Seal.

4 DIY Outdoor Pillows + the finished outdoor look

I know things have taken a huge turn from house updates but this should be the last of the outdoor posts until I start up the garden ‘diaries’ of a newbie in the near future. The plan is to have at least two house posts with a garden update or two in between. One day we’ll be up to speed on the house.

After the outdoor furniture and accessory updates/paint marathon last summer, there was an itch to finish the look with some outdoor pillows. And pillows, my friends, are quite easy to whip up in a short amount of time.

2 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 13

If you have a few moments, pretty please vote for my Goodwill’s Upcycle Project:
1. Follow this link. The contest has now ended, sadly the chairs didn't make the top 25.
2. Find my project-
On mobile: click “View More” 3 times and the directors chairs should be the last one in the first row. 
Browser: Scroll down 17th row and it should be the 2nd one in.
3. Click Vote.

Can you believe it’s Friday? Around here we’ve had about a week of gloomy weather and the forecast doesn’t seem to be lighting up for the weekend, bummer.  Ahh well all the more excuse to cuddle up and watch some movies.

0 Randomness: Photography

Wowza, I’ve been hustling for more votes like a real baller for the Goodwill’s Upcycle Challenge. Who knew (a great series by Yahoo! BTW) it would take an army of people? Although someone has 200+ votes already, we are just getting started.   Without further ado here’s my spiel:

If you could pretty please take a quick moment out of your crazy busy day and vote for me, I  would greatly appreciate it!
1. Click here. The contest has now ended, sadly the chairs didn't make the top 25
2. Find my project that looks like this:
3. Click Vote.

Oh and for all of you who have been so loyal and voting daily- here’s the biggest virtual hug I can give you. Thank you for your continued voting!
Original Image Source: Unknown
P.S. hope you don’t hate with the annoying gentle reminders, rather hoping you will see my passion. So tell your friends so they can tell their friends and we can all be friends. 100 points to who names that song.

I thought today would be the perfect day to talk about one of my favorite things- Photography. Now there is no way I claim to be an expert in this area. Sure I took a few photography classes back in high school and worked with some online tutorials but there’s always something to learn. So today, I’ll go over some inspirational work and randomness.

6 Goodwill Upcycle Contest Tutorial: Directors Chairs

This contest is now over! If you would be so kind as to take a few minutes and vote for my project for the Goodwill Upcycle Contest it is super easy:

1. Follow this linkThe contest has now ended, sadly the chairs didn't make the top 25.
2. Find my project-
On mobile: click “View More” 3 times and the directors chairs should be the last one in the first row. 
Browser: Scroll down 17th row and it is the 2nd one in.
3. Click Vote.
The tile looks like this:
You are allowed to cast your vote one time per day, so come back everyday and share the love and support!

As I mentioned yesterday, for the past two weeks I had been working on these lovingly cared for director’s chairs.
And I’m back today with all the details.

2 Goodwill Upcycle Contest

I finished the project for the Goodwill Upcycle Contest, just in the nick of time yesterday. It was certainly a close call and I’m pretty sure the paint is still drying.

It all started when I got this email from Goodwill a few weeks back when they announced the contest:
And boy do I love me a challenge with a deadline.

I won’t bore overwhelm you with the tutorial details today, you know since I started drafting the tutorial for the two week project and it was waay too long for a post where I beg politely ask for your help in voting. That post will be here tomorrow. I know shocker, as posts aren’t scheduled on Wednesdays, but I missed Monday so the week’s schedule had a curveball.

So let’s cut to the visuals, the before and after of the Director’s Chair project:
Sure it was a little labor of love for two weeks (did I mention there were some Photography deadlines mixed in just for fun), but they’re done and I’m super proud and in love. I can’t believe the designs turned out better than I imagined.

4 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 12

Welcome back to this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Fridays! If you are new here, I took the regular “what I wore segments” and put a little spin on it. You know since I don’t have a dress code at home and all. Then each week I try to guess what the boyfriend will say and report back the following week. Feel free to scroll to the bottom and follow the posts through each week.

0 Rusty Old Bucket & Garden Trinkets

Another treasure the previous owners left behind was this charming old bucket. And I’m sure you can’t guess how I was going to update it.

If you guessed spray paint, well 100 points to you. I think it could be a sad addiction. Either way I have yet to find something that doesn’t look updated with a fresh coat of paint (please don’t prove me wrong decorating Gods).
Paint Source

3 Bench Transformation

Let’s take a break from the house for a small but charming transformation. Like I said when we purchased the home that the previous owners left behind some personal belongings. One of them happens to be this outdoor bench.
Immediately I knew it wasn’t going to the trash pile and that I wanted to try to revive it. Sure it was faded and had a few scratches but nothing a little elbow grease and spray paint couldn’t fix.
Throughout our marathon, it was basically used as one of the only flat surfaces within sight so at any given time it was piled with miscellaneous tools, and I think it was even used as a tile saw bench. Either way it was Dirty with a capital D.

3 My Votes for CWTS (+ what it inspired)

So I’m back today to share my votes from the past two weeks of Creating with the Stars hosted by East Coast Creative.

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