2 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 7

It’s another Friday. I guess this week went by like a haze of cold medicine (at least for me). Anywho, it’s time for What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays.

And the boyfriend verdict is:
Last week I predicted:
And he said: “Awe, you still haven’t gotten any better huh?”

Final Score: Since the comment along the lines of noticing my cold, I’d say point. That’s 3 for 6.

Let me tell ya, this morning I was wracking my brain trying to think of a hideous outfit. I mean this thing was going to be impressive.  But after searching through the mound of clothes that I call my closet, I couldn’t find half the outfit. So instead I put to use the things I could find and came up with a semi decent outfit that I never would have thought to put together:

It’s really nice to be able to wear something just sitting in your closet- like the coat I haven’t worn in almost a year and those never worn nylons.

Plus the outfit is part of my obsession with black and white!

Plus, I figure after putting up with my sick butt, pulling his weight on snow duty this week, plus working three nights with a snow plowing day in there that he deserves a nice night at home. So I hope to have the dishes cleaned up (his chore) and dinner on the stove by the time he gets home.

This week “Nice color.” He’s a man of few words what can I say?

Do you have any awesome weekend plans? Feeling the need to do something nice for someone? Do tell; I sure could use some ideas!

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  1. looks like you have lots of tiny weird shards for toes

    1. Thanks Matt, I would have thought someone would have thought smuf legs by now.


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