1 What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 11

Happy Good Friday! And a bright and sunny day it is again. Hopefully the snow will finish melting soon, even though we’re supposed to have another cold front early next week. Anyway, it’s time for What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays.

Without further ado:
I predicted:

And he said: Holy Plaid-amole!

Final Score: Close enough to “Holy Plaid.” That’s 7 for 10.
The boyfriend has been putting in a lot of extra hours as of late so I thought I’d surprise him with his favorite color. Albeit an overload but I’m sure he’ll like it just the same. Had to mix in some accessories of course, like that fake crock + gaudy gem belt which came with some shirt, just for fun. To be honest, the outfit didn't turn out half bad.

I’m going with “Red.” Or “Hey, is that my tie?” To which I would respond, “Mai Tai, sure lets go!” Cheesy but we sure could use some adult beverages tonight.

And that is this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Friday. Hope ya’ll have a wonderful extended holiday weekend!

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