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Admittedly, I'm a bit envious of all the talent the Creating with the Stars competition has brought. If you haven't heard of the competition (you know the one I entered), then you should head over there (and come back of course). Unfortunately, I didn't win to take part, but there's always next year; I have big plans this summer to be more prepared and hopefully win a spot!
Anyway... if they've aimed to inspire, they sure have.

I don't want to sway the votes (not that I have that ability), so here are the projects I voted on last week. The theme was Up-Cycle.

The dresser turned sandbox
Created by: Owen's Olivia with help from Ucreate.
First and foremost, I'm a new fan of Owen's Olivia, she has a great balance between her two passions- home projects and sewing. Of course I'm in love with the color choice a bold Kelly Green. Watch out Peacock it may be my new favorite. Maybe it's because Kelly Green is very close to the color of the year, a March-ish color, and also close to my birthstone color (which is the color of the year). 

Plus there was some serious thought put into the sandbox. As in, they use the dresser top  to cover it up when stormy weather appears and used durable exterior paint to keep it outdoors.

My next vote was:
Television Stand Upcycled to a Bar
Created by: Love and Renovations with help from Infarrantly Creative

Maybe it was yet another bold color I'm in love with- Navy or that stenciling. Naww I'd say hands down best feature was re-purposing the VHS (do you remember those?) drawer into bottle holders.
Maybe I'm bias because we have similar bottles (they got theirs from Hobby Lobby ours from Ikea). I've seen many tv stand repurposing even pinned a few kids kitchens, but this one takes the cake. Well done Amanda!

Last but not least:
Trash Pile Tire Made Trendy Table
Created by: While they Snooze with help from Thrifty Decor Chick
This project takes the cake on re-purpose, in my opinion. Pure genius. In my neck of the woods, we have to pay to discard old tires and this may be a clever way to disguise a few. Maybe in a garden shed someday would I ever get to put a similar idea to use. The dipped legs add an unexpected charm. If I wasn't told, I never would have guessed what was under all that rope.

I'm ecstatic and quite surprised that the projects I actually voted for, made it to the next round. Of course all of the projects were very charming and if I had four votes, it would have been for this this:

Little League Lounger
Created by: My Sisters Suitcase with help from Tatertots & Jello
Re-webbing is not new to me, since my pops made me pick up a chair when I was young to add to his collection. I guess I didn't realize they sell it in more modern styles now. Maybe that's where I get the curb rescuing from? Anyway, my nephew was in baseball and would have been the perfect fit since the only way to see well is from the bleachers. I'm in love with the fact that she sliced up an old baseball bat for the arms and re-purposed an old table runner for the pillow. Sadly the chair didn't make it to round two.

If you want to be inspired, head over there and browse through the talent.  Oh and don't forget to vote each week, it only takes a minute. They even give you three choices, which can be difficult I must say.

In other news, I was lucky enough to go to Oz the Great and Powerful this past weekend. I must say graphics have come a long way! And it was a very enjoyable movie. I rarely make it to the theater to see movies (mostly because I hate people interrupting) but it was worth it!
What has been inspiring you lately? Did you vote during round 1? Do tell!
Have you gone to the theater recently? Maybe you avoid them, like me, because of crowd-ruiners?

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  1. The Badgers have been inspiring me! We gonna win this mofo tourney!


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