0 Painting the Kitchen- Part 2

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

Did ya’ll think we left primer on the kitchen walls and fixed some holes then called it a day? I mean we opted to leave primed trim for the opening from the living room to kitchen but this is a kitchen.
We have big plans for this kitchen in the future (most rooms in the house are in the same boat) but since this room is a bit more costly than the others, we wanted to find a perfect balance of cost, function, and beauty to hold us in the interim. Also, there are some big decisions to make that we just weren’t ready to tackle. The bones were great and with a little paint (or a lot) we could get the kitchen functioning again.
I was so excited to get some color in the kitchen that I didn’t care it was completely out of order (which is sort of like this post). Like, say, I should have ripped up the floor before painting the walls.

As for the color, we chose another ‘oops paint’ from Menards which is just someone else’s mistake which snatch up for $5. This time I held out for a nice grey and boy was I in love at first brush stroke.
Since the boyfriend was slaving away concentrating on furthering the bathroom, I did the cutting in and rolling.
Baggy clothes are perfect for all our painting needs.

The cabinets served their purpose as a makeshift chair:

Completed cutting in:
Night shots.

One coat on most walls was as far as I got until it required the boyfriend to further the bathroom and close the wall:
While that was drying, I spent my time climbing the stairs to the temporary sand and paint station. Since we already sanded the exterior drawers and doors, this set of sanding was to remove all the old shelf paper and to sand off the stubborn spots until the shelves were ready for paint.

We chose Ultra White Latex Semi-Gloss Paint  in low VOC by Dutch Boy Dura Clean per the recommendation of a wonderful paint lady at Menards. Since we were going for durable, we didn’t mind the extra cost especially since the most we spent on paint was $25 for 5 gallons on five different rooms. And I’m happy to report that after 9 months of abuse the paint is going strong. It’s also super easy to clean from dirty kitchen hands.
This is what our organized chaos was beginning to look like upstairs:
On the bright sun-shiny days, I brought some doors outside to sand so I could soak up some much needed Vitamin D.  You can also see the difference between the before high gloss shiny orange-ish dirty wood compared to the nicely painted white clean simple after.

It was around this time that I started getting tired of painting (we had almost painted the entire house by then), so I called in some reinforcements (aka loving friends and family). We tackled the entire house trim and the second coat of primer on the cabinets and shelves, while blasting some inspirational heavy metal music.

I wish we would have captured some pictures of us contorting ourselves reaching all the nooks and crannies inside the cabinets. That was some back breaking work people. Under the sink and the corner cabinet were probably the worst areas:

Somewhere along the way, I decided only paint all interior and exterior of cabinets visible to the eye. This meant we could leave the opposite side of the cabinet doors as sanded wood (to get rid of all the years of smoke residue).

We opted to paint the exterior of the drawers and sand the inside to line them with shelf liners. I also got lazy creative on the sink cabinet and painted right over the shelf liners.

And then there was this cabinet.

Unfortunately, I failed to take a true before shot but it used to be metal lined and of course it had seen its days. We were left with an empty spot until the boyfriend fitted some scrap wood to close off the cabinet properly.

We still have some more dry wall patching, ripping up the floor and some other misc before the big reveal can happen.

How about you, have you ever gotten lazy and painted right over something? Brighten up any spaces lately?

Want to follow along with the Kitchen progression? Here’s the Prepping for paintPainting Part 1, and Repairing Drywall.

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