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The next concerning area in the kitchen was our countertop, it was all sorts of discombobulated.
This doesn’t quite capture the true extent; this was taken after we had started scraping the paint.

We knew it was all sorts of gross when we laid eyes on her during our walk through. The counter had seen better days, with some type of caked on cheese substance, stained juice mess, rust, and plain ’ol gross. Mix in the fact that we failed to cover the countertops when using the paint gun (since we knew we would do something about them later). Let’s just say, most all purpose cleaners we used just weren’t cleaning that kinda mess.

Before making the plunge, we googled around in search of the best solution. The area we would recover is a 121 inches or 15 square feet:
Remember? We omitted the stove.
After verifying new counter pieces (over $500), browsing our local Habitat Restore, and refinishing solutions (paint, recover, etc) talking it over with the beau, we decided to paint and make an alternative solution to the penny countertop.
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Our simple solution came from the fact that it would cost us a merely$24- $5 in paint and $17 on epoxy, we had everything else on-hand. You may ask, what kind of paint do you use in a countertop under epoxy? Why cheap ‘ol acrylic paint (per source) for a little over $1 a bottle. We only used about 1 ½- 8 oz bottles. We also turned to our trusty sander. Nothing some sand paper couldn’t fix years of caked on dairy products. Here’s the full list of supplies:
1 Paint | 2 Epoxy  | 3 Scraper | 4 Paint Roller | 5 Sander 

After cutting through years of grime (enough to change the sand paper twice) and paint mess with the sander, we made sure to lightly rough up the laminate itself for the paint to adhere.

My sister volunteered to paint while I was working on some other project. She said she’s miss perfectionist when it comes to this (runs in the family I guess).
Oh and see that spot?! Right after she left, I lit a candle to get the smell of another project out. When I went to blow it out, I accidentally knocked the candle over, spilling wax in a nice puddle! D'oh!
That my friends, is as far as we got on the countertops. I haven’t finished the design stage and the epoxy stage is even further away even after almost a year of living here, oops gotta get on that!

In over a year, we have little wear and tear. As in, the paint is gone in a few places from pots and pans scraping across the countertop.
If that isn’t motivation I don’t know what is. Nothing another bottle or two of cheap paint can’t solve- that and coaxing my sister to work her mad skills again.

I’m not publically spilling the beans on this kitchen countertop project quite yet, so friends and family not a word (since I spilled to you). I promise it’s going to be totally worth it in the end, at least I hope. I may even have a hard time ripping them out when we tackle the kitchen someday. Knowing my boyfriend he’d find a way to salvage a piece or two and reuse it somewhere. Only after I finish it of course!

Lastly, I wanted to share some thorough resources for working with epoxy, well mostly because I’ll reference them a million times before I take the plunge. So here we go:
This was where the inspiration began.

Detailed instructions Part 1 & Part 2.

Original Image Source
A great guide from prepping to finishing, with lots of videos.

Where I learned swirl is the best application technique.

Great tips! Visuals of covering the sink hole and cabinets. Oh and there’s glitter! An important tip at 2:47.

Last one:

What do you think of penny countertops, have you ever considered them?

Want to follow along with the Kitchen progression? Here’s the Prepping for paintPainting Part 1Repairing DrywallPainting Part 2,  Hardware Decisions, the Floor, and Appliances.

P.S. I was not paid or perked from any of these vendors; we just happily picked up the supplies necessary for the job.

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