0 Winter Pinterest Challenge announced today!

I was incredibly excited when reading my favorite blogs this morning, because it’s time for the winter edition of the Pinterest Challenge!

If you’re not familiar with this challenge, it’s basically to take one of the many hoarded Pins and get up off your tush and get working on it (paraphrased of course). They also invite/feature two other bloggers to help host, which are Megan and Michelle this time.

And let me tell you, first off, they have THE cutest video of their children (who are destined to marry) narrate the challenge, so head over to YoungHouseLove or BowerPower if you in need of some major cuteness. But please come back hehe. They also link up to past projects and other challenges for tons of inspiration. I could spend hours looking through all the marvelous ideas.

Second, most of my excitement comes from the fact that the first and last Pinterest challenge I participated in was back in October of 2011 when we made the Lego Man costumes!

Third, if you haven’t already noticed on Twitter or Instagram (you could always follow here or here or the sidebar, subtle much?), I had a bit of a head start. The photos give you a little clue into what I’m working on.

And a lovely fail moment already:

I’m determined to have this done before Wednesday 2/27/13 to be an overachiever.

I hope to see you follow along! Do tell me if you’re up for the challenge and share a link to your Blog/Instagram/Flickr or other photo sharing site. I can’t wait!

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