0 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 4

Wow is it Friday already?! Is it possible that this seemed like the fastest but longest week in a while? Probably doesn’t make any sense.

Either way, since it is Friday (if I say it again, maybe it will sink in), it’s time for What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays.

If you’re new, welcome!  So glad you stopped by.

This little post goes over what I wear on Fridays. And since my day job consists of me hanging out at my new desk working on the blog and photography, never going out in public (this sounds a little nerdy), I get to wear anything I want. So take the traditional what I wore from other lovely ladies like Lindsey, or Megan and add my little awkward spin.

It’s really just my way of having a little fun. On Friday. Get it? Good J.

And now the:

This is where I report back on the prediction made on my boyfriend’s reaction to the outfit worn last week.

Confession: it was waaaay too cold in my house to wear that outfit all day. Instead, I showed him pictures and naturally asked what he thought about the outfit. His response: “I would have been speechless, cuz that’s my favorite color.” Collective awe?!

If you remember (or visit last week’s post) I predicted:

Final Score: Since I’m the judge, I say Score! That’s 2 for 3.

And this week’s outfit:

Rocking a side bun with a return to the crappy clothes again- had to throw a little shrunk-inherited Homer shirt, complete with painting socks. Just kidding, we’re painting tonight- which leads to:

Two predictions because I’m a cheetah this week. 1. Not notice. ORRR 2. Excited that I’m ready to get my paint on.

Another little tidbit: these used to be regular ‘ol running pants- remember from the Lego Man Halloween Costume:

Last week I reported that he read the blog, luckily last week’s What I Wore post appeared quite some time after he had called. Phew that was a close one. Doesn’t seem like he’s on to this scheme yet…

Well that’s it my friends, What I wore- Fantastic Friday. Hope ya’ll have an epic super hero-ly awesome weekend!

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