2 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 3

It’s time for this week’s edition of What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays. Basically, since I now work from home, there was this urge to have a little fun on Fridays. Mix 1 part “what I wore” with 1 part “Twist” (aka wearing out of the ordinary clothes) and you get a Fantastic Friday.

Let’s have some fun, starting with the:

To recap (or you could follow this link), I predicted:

Last week was the first Boyfriend verdict and now I’m keeping score. Sheesh, there are three guesses from last week! I’d say this calls for a majority rules for the point?

Here’s the convo:
 “Are those my favorite pants?”  Boyfriend
My sheepish reply, “Yes.”
Shoot I was going to wear those for work tomorrow.” Boyfriend.
-That's worthy of 2 points for a question and a tiny complaint.
So uh, I think your shirt fits better on me.” Me.
Yeah, either I’m getting fatter or my clothes are shrinking.” Boyfriend.
I think it’s the latter, I’ll try not to dry your shirts anymore.” Me.
-1/2 point because it was egged it on?

In it to win it! Final score: 1 for 2 (last week I was wrong).

Also mentioned that last week was that I dared to go in public wearing the boyfriend’s clothes. It’s a bummer that they weren’t fun with it- maybe it’s because I had a coat and boots on to cover up most of the outfit. Buuuut lately I have been watching my niece and my sister dropped her off questioning my outfit “Are those your boyfriend’s pants?” My niece chimed in “Haha you’re silly Auntie Trisha.”

Moving on, this week’s outfit:
A little fancy today, maybe the inspiration came from all the Valentines d├ęcor out in stores.  Two accessories today: a flower headband (covering up the messy high bun) and my sparkly red shoes (wizard of oz anyone?).

A few months ago, this outfit may not have been out of the norm as it was A) Summer/Fall and B) work appropriate for the loose ‘business casual.’ When sitting there staring at my wardrobe thinking: what about something I haven’t worn? And then it hit me, that skirt has been patiently waiting to be worn sitting at the top of my skirt pile. Since I had NO plans on leaving the house since the forecast predicted bitter cold temperatures (3° F but feels like -15° F). So I’ll probably be wrapped in my snuggie, with slippers (sorry Dorothy shoes), and two more warm blankets on top.

And now for the:

My gut instinct was to go with “Did you have an interview today or something?”  Rather, I’ll go simple because Red is his favorite color: "I like the red."

Today he called and said he loved the blog, so he must have read. Wonder if he’ll spoil this post for himself haha.

That wraps up this week’s What I wore- Fantastic Friday. Hope ya’ll have an unbelievable Friday and have fun with the Superbowl this weekend! Any big plans? I’m thinking about attending a 70’s theme party.

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  1. You have the cutest clothes!!!!!!!!! That outfit is killer!!!!

    1. Thanks Cortney! I love wearing black and red!


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