2 Saved by the Vase

Maybe I should have called it “saved the vase,” or "Update/fix a vase with spray paint" but hopefully a flashback to 90’s sitcoms will make someone’s day.

Back to the topic at hand, last summer, when there was a plethora of garage sales, I picked up this little gem for $0.75.
Not too bad, especially since it was $5.50 on clearance at TJ Maxx- probably in similar condition. The color wasn't even terrible.
Sure she had some bumps and bruises and needed a little work but nothing a little spray paint and a wire brush couldn’t handle.
I asked the boyfriend to grab me some sandpaper (since he was already in the garage) and he one upped me by finding the wire brush. So I went to work scratching it up a bit as the vase looked to shiny for paint to stick. That man is a keeper, he saved me so much time.
No method to the madness besides reaching every indent. 

Using some cardboard to protect that beautiful grass- we had a drought the beginning part of the summer so green grass was a nice change of pace- and some rubber gloves- I got my paint on. We picked up a bunch of our favorite colors during one of Menard's paint sales for less than $2. This stuff is my favorite- it really has 2x’s coverage, we used it on our Halloween costumes.
I know the golden rule of spray painting is thin even coats, but I get so excited to see the new color. Here is my first coat… probably a bit thicker than it should have but I got lucky without any runs.

Here the vase is with the final coat ready to dry.

Like I said above, the stuff covers well so we only used less than half the can.

And after a few months of use, the vase and paint are still going strong.
The scratches and bumps are hardly noticeable as the consistent color hides them pretty well.

The total of this project was $2.75- two Washington bills for the paint and three Washington coins for the vase itself.  We also had an added bonus to use the rest of the can for another project. So for about half the cost of what could have been spent at TJ Maxx excluding the additional cost of spray paint, I’d say money well spent.

To save you from some scrolling here is a before and after view:

This vase definitely has me itching for spring weather to go outside and play with some more spray paint, or paint in general.

P.S. I was not paid or perked from any of these vendors; we just happily picked up the supplies necessary for the job. I think I should also state, we are not specific to/sponsored by Menard's- we just have their store card which gives us a % back on our purchases so bulk store runs are usually done there. Plus, their store is closest to our house.

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  1. Yes he is definitely a keeper! Love the vase! We have a bunch of vases, but sadly no place to show them off here.

    1. Someday you will. This one is tall and skinny perfect alongside any piece of furniture


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