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This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

After prepping the living and office areas, it’s time for paint. We skipped the sanding step and went straight for primer. We also made yet another trip to the store. This time we hit up Menards and Walmart loading up on all the paint goodies. His mom supplied a complete roller and a paint brush; which was amazing, but we needed more. Oh and every time we stopped at Menards, I wander by the “Oops paint” area to see what mistakes were made. At $5 for an entire can, it was right up our cheap-tush alley.  And hey, if we hated the color- we could mix a different color or head back to the store spending another Mr. Lincoln.

1 Primer | 2 1 ½” angle  | 3 2” angle | 4 2” flat | 5 Roller Set | 6 Paint Kit | 7 Paint Kit
Our paint kit (like #6) included an additional roller and a wooden extension. I highly recommend kits if you haven't inherited or have any paint supplies. They definitely beat purchasing separately.

We also got to borrow a paint sprayer from my lovely sister:
Yeah, it gets dirty.

For those wondering the Paint Sprayer is a Wagner Wide Shot Power Painter probably from Sears.

Let’s side track for a minute to chat about the pros and cons we found using a paint sprayer (at least the model we used).
We chose to use a paint sprayer to prime because the sheer volume of painting- we were painting our entire house including the ceilings. We knew we didn’t have to worry about making a mess since we were ripping out the carpeting.

A few more words to the wise:
- If you care about your floors, cover them first before using the sprayer.
-We had to water down our primer as the original consistency was too thick for the gun to handle. It also meant we could spread the paint out a bit more.
-We each took turns with the gun- partly because it was a “new” tool- and the other part because it vibrated like no tomorrow. We constantly switched hands to avoid numb hands.
-Ours was not a one person job, one sprayed while the other followed touching up if there were any runs or globs of paint which were caused when letting go of the trigger.
-Wear protective gear such as goggles, respirator, gloves, pants, a hoodie (to cover your neck too) otherwise you will be in the shower scrubbing paint off your body until your skin is raw.
Now we got our paint on. My apologies again for lack of photos, but this time it was too dark in many of the rooms since we covered them in newspaper and plastic. Most of the painting was done at night.

The first coat was light and some of the cigarette residue was peeking through the paneling; even after the multiple bleach cleaning attempts. It shouldn’t be a surprise as they probably smoked for 40+ years in this house.  Here are some lovely pictures of the family helping us out.
 Brother-in-law was avoiding the camera, while I was just trying to capture how messy you get after using the paint sprayer. Also, this is just one coat on the ceiling.

I had the best helpers. They even volunteered. And for safety- the paint sprayer was in another room while they were painting.

 She wasn’t snorting paint I promise; she’s just that messy- ALWAYS. She’s definitely an artist.

The ceiling seemed to suck up the most paint, probably because tiles are porous and are made with some type of foam. I think in total we had 4-6 coats on the ceiling. After the 4th coat we used the old rollers since we were moving onto bigger and better things and needed our main light source back.

As mentioned above, I stalked visited the Menards paint isle every trip and picked up a can here or there for various rooms in the house. Since we knew the colors wouldn’t be permanent, the colors didn’t have to be perfect. One visit we ended up with three scores- a chocolate color, a light brown, and a tan.
Questionable choices? Yes, but anything is better than the brown/orange paneling.

We choose the lighter brown for the Living Room and the Tan for the office. Our method of painting is pretty traditional, cut in and roll in a W pattern. I had never cut in prior to dipping my brush into the paint and learned pretty quickly after watching the boyfriend.

 The plastic bag trick around the door knobs wasn't exactly the best idea...

How about a little before and after comparison shall we?

 I’d say paint undoubtedly brought the rooms into this century.
Added bonus, the house no longer smells like old musty cigarettes.

P.S. I was not paid or perked from any of these vendors, we just happily picked up the supplies necessary for the job.

Want to follow along with the Living Room and Office progression? Here's Prepping.

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