1 Painting the Kitchen- Part 1

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

When we last left off on the kitchen nightmare update, we had finished prepping the kitchen for paint. Due to the time crunch, we did not take the time to patch any openings in the drywall before we primed the entire kitchen. In all honestly, in a little over a month we didn't have a specific order other than getting anything and everything done as quickly as possible.

We also weren't at the point yet to fix the large opening where the bathroom door used to be, so we flipped over a piece of paneling to block the door way. This proved beneficial as the guys were working on the bathroom when we were painting. Sometimes they had left a tool in the second bedroom which became tool central after we took over the kitchen.
As you may have noticed we laid out the cabinet doors on the floor to get their coats of primer to save time. We also used the remaining drop cloths to cover the walkway to the living room. There are even two cabinet fronts forming dual function to hold the plastic down and to get their paint on.

We had also switched primer to Kills after we had gone through the first bucket of primer. We made the switch to Kills because 1. it was on clearance and 2. we heard it covered smoke residue (no matter how many times you cleaned it) very well.
Shortly after that photo was taken, we decided to place a few cabinet doors on the counter to aid navigation because the room would be hazy from the paint sprayer. Like the living room and office, we protected ourselves using the same method- including a respirator. In this picture you can see the hallway has one light coat of primer on:
Don’t mind me in my respirator, I had to pause and take a break to fix the nozzle.

We started in the hallway working our way from ceiling to floor, leaving the cabinet doors for last since we would be stepping all over them while painting the ceiling. This time the room took 2 coats of primer letting the paint dry thoroughly since we would be stepping on the cabinet doors when painting the second coat. Additionally, the ceiling got two extra layers of rolled on primer, since we weren't planning on putting a top layer of regular paint. Keep in mind we were not looking for perfection as we will be tackling the kitchen in a remodel in the distant future.

And here is the room after one full coat of primer:

The dehumidifier helped the paint set after using the spray gun. Oh and there’s the paneling that prevented paint from spraying into the bathroom.

Ooops forgot to mention there used to be shelves on both sides of the sink. They were both removed before we started painting by unscrewing from the inside. We were too lazy busy to fill the holes.
That curved pipe is the gas line to the stove. Don’t worry we were planning on buying a new one so painted didn't matter and we shut the gas off leading to that pipe.

With all the chaos, I forgot to take shots of the kitchen with it completely primed.

How about a little before and after action:

P.S. we had a ton of help during our house marathon and over the summer, so I’d like to give a huge shout out and an even bigger thanks to all the friends and family who worked for subs and snacks and soda. Oh and maybe some beer. We couldn't have done it without you!

Want to follow along with the Kitchen progression? Here’s the Intro.

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  1. Looking at the finished photo, it is black and white (for now)... an obsession. :)


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