0 Kitchen Nightmare

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.
While Ramsay works on struggling restaurant kitchens, we were working on a little nightmare of our own: 
 Ok that’s a bit dramatic; it wasn’t really that bad…

With the Living Room and Office as finished as we could get before moving in, it’s time to change gears to the Kitchen per reader request:

 Neat fact: we actually tackled the kitchen some-what last during our house update marathon (from the end of April 2012 to May 2012).

To us, the cabinet wood is just too orange, the floors are too orange, the whole room is just too dirty, and there really isn’t a good place for the table. So we decided to paint everything but the floor.

If you remember, we tore down the half banister wall between the kitchen and the living room making the floor plan look as such:

We also prepped for using the spray gun similar to the process in the living room:
  • Cleaning the smoke residue- which happen to be quite a bit heavier in the kitchen than any other room
  • Removing the clutter mess which ended up being gathering in the kitchen since it was the last room we tackled
  • Removing all the trim
  • Remove the light switch and outlet covers
  • Remove curtains
  • Cover the windows & vents

We also removed the fan blades and covered the remaining fixture with a plastic bag, newspaper, and tape. Keeping it classy.

When we removed the trim around the entryway from the kitchen to the living room we uncovered vintage wallpaper:
The wallpaper is probably directly under the yellow paint in the kitchen as we saw a seam on a few walls. We have big plans for this kitchen (as with most of the house) someday so we weren’t entirely picky.

We continued our preparation by removing the door and surrounding trim on the opposite side of the kitchen (from the entryway). Plus we had big plans to move the bathroom door so having a door-fest wasn’t on the agenda (it will make sense when we get to the bathroom).
We (as in my amazing pops) also took down every door and removed every drawer along with their respective hardware. Too keep it somewhat organized we threw everything into one box.
Look at those ugly curtains

Then I gave all the cabinets and doors, inside and out, a good sanding:

At this point, the room was beginning to look like this:
Sorry, no in-process picture of cleaning the inside of the cupboards.

Next on the kitchen nightmare update we will have a small post on painting, then repairing holes in the drywall.

P.S. we had a ton of help during our house marathon and over the summer, so I’d like to give a huge shout out and an even bigger thanks to all the friends and family who worked for subs and snacks and soda. Oh and maybe some beer. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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