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Today, I'm feeling a wee bit uninspired, so nothing like a little Internet browsing to spark creativity. Or as I like to call it: Drool-worthy visuals you know- to spark creativity. Basically just visuals and narrative today my friends. Aka, this next house update is giving me writers block.

First off the photo that sparked my last project (painting the office- again, there will be a post someday):
Simple, neat, lots of storage. Love the white to 'ground' the room with such a dark colored wall. 

Next up, the one inspiring me today:

The effort alone to stencil the wall up that high using that rigged latter, I'm giving mega props to that brave soul. I also love that she gave the spotlight to such a huge section on the wall above eye level, by not painting the lower section of the stairs. The simple fixtures in the little nook are perfect. Admittedly, not digging the light fixture- but that's just me. 

I would love stencil somewhere in our house, or maybe just stencil a piece of furniture or two.

The entryway image leads me to another Moroccan Quatrefoil Trellis design, this time in the form of tile.
Love the use of the floating faucet. Even with the bold tile, the section looks 'earthy' and 'calm' to me. It reminds me of a project I have sitting in the basement which includes similar tile.

The tile source link brings you to this cute Fish Scale style tile, which would be so fun for a child’s bathroom.
 I'm really digging the color combo.

This pantry is over the top, drool-worthy. And Charming.
The angles, the grey ceiling, the chandelier, the use of molding, did I mention the angles? and the second best part is the use of storage space. Imagine me saying that so fast that the words blur together, that's how excited I'd be if I opened that door looking for a snack!

And one last bit of inspiration before all daylight is wasted.
I enamored by the dramatic color scheme. The pops of white bring something to the scale of the room since dark colors could probably make it look smaller. The rug doesn't seem to fit the style, and the chair is a bit out there, but to me everything else is perfect.

There's no set agenda today, so who knows, maybe I'll finally get around to that mound of clothes waiting to be put away, or tackle a project or two.

What do you do to get inspired? I'd love to try them out.

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