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Welcome A Peek Into My Paradise readers!! I hope you find the our story and additional tips so exciting that you'll find a Disney event near you, because they put on a spectacular show and is well worth it!!

Friday, I left off with a little sneak peek into my weekend plans on the What I Wore Fantastic Friday's segment.
Ever since my nephew turned 8, I’ve been taking him on ‘dates’ for his birthday. Basically, I take him to fun places where we can spend some time together. His past birthday dates included the kid’s museum, lego land, 6 flags, etc. This past year my niece was disappointed she couldn’t come with, so I asked my sister if I could start dates with her too.

After getting the go-ahead, I found Disney On Ice. Then, I blurted out my excitement to one of my close friends and she wanted to take a little girl near and dear to her heart too. So we purchased the tickets back in October and have been patiently waiting for the day to come. Admittedly, I think I was more excited than my niece. She was a bit scared to be away from her parents (she’s turning 5 soon). Oh and unfortunately, we found out about a week prior that my close friend’s girl couldn’t make it so I contacted an old buddy of mine to take his baby girl.

So that’s the story of how Disney On Ice came to be.

This past weekend, in preparation, I scoured the net for a few tips for the show and came across a few like here, and here. One had mentioned it could be cold so bring some warm clothes. Another said it was totally appropriate for the kids to dress up.

Taking those bits and adding some of my own we ended up with the following:
- Camera
- Cheapo glow sticks and princess gear
- Homemade lunches and avoid the food costs (think $16 for cotton candy)
- Sweatshirts
- Blankets
- Dress-up attire
- Leave the house early
- Cash for souvenirs and parking 

After our experience, I would also recommend seat cushions (the thickest they make) or some type of booster seat which can be easily carried because we had a few tall heads in front of us which impaired the girl’s line of sight. My niece stood up the entire time (out of pure excitement) and my buddy’s girl sat on my lap the whole time. The arena wasn’t as cold as we had thought but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Camera- I also brought my less fancy camera for one less thing to worry about. With the girls, keeping tracking of their favorite stuffed animals (a Care Bear and Walter the shark), the crowds, and everything else I packed, it was just easier that way. Plus we had a pretty good view.

Bedazzled Wal-Mart goodies- I picked up two packs of glow sticks from Wal-Mart for $1 each and splurged on mini crowns and clip on braids for $1 each. So for $4 bucks, as opposed to around $22 for the death trap light up toys, it was a steal.

Lunches- We packed lunches as our show was after lunch at 1PM, with the travel time they’d surely be hungry. Here are the goods I ended up with:
-Carrots and Ranch
-Peanut Butter and Jelly with the crusts cut off
-HI-C Fruit Punch
-Toffee flavored popcorn (for a snack on the way home)
-Baby wipes for those chocolate covered orange fingers.

Eating in the car

Show Bag- Then, I packed another bag to bring inside filled with blankets, our tickets, and the bedazzled Wal-Mart goodies. Little did we know they really didn’t check our baggage, and we could have brought in a few food related items too. I did sneak in leftover Oreos for intermission. Best to be safe than sorry.

Attire- My niece dressed as a princess, my buddies girl wore a Disney princess shirt. Don’t worry my niece wore her sweatshirt over her dress. Of course I sported my mini-ears from Disney World. On our way in a young one commented that I looked just like Mini-Mouse, what an imagination.

Leave home early- I’m glad we took the advice of the former research. We left around 10:45 for our 1PM show to leave enough time to travel (about an hour), park, eat in the car, find our seats, and use the restrooms. Our timing was quite perfect. The arena was fairly empty when we arrived and we had plenty of time to take photos of the girls with the castle, get them pumped up for the show, and figure out who would sit where (from the aforementioned  tall head mini-dilemma).

Souvenirs- just because we saved in all the other areas like food and dangerous light up toys; we wanted to save the money for some souvenirs to commemorate the event. Plus, we wanted to show our support for the Disney production including vendor employees and performer’s wages. We just wanted more than throw away popcorn cases or really expensive whipped up sugar. At the end of the show we walked around the venues trying to find something to ‘last.’ The girls ended up with a Lenny- the binoculars from Toy Story, a Belle necklace, and an ice cone filled Cinderella cup. That thing was heaping over the lid. Being that it was after the show ended, and I wasn’t looking for a mess in the car, I inhaled quickly ate the top of the cone until it was level with the cup. Take one for the team. Talk about brain freeze. It was fun, funny, and messy all at the same time.

On with the show; our event was the 100 years of magic so they paid tribute to old and new favorites. Like I said this was our less fancy camera.

They even had it’s a small world (photos 3, 4, and 5).

It was so hard to pick a favorite, but I have to say I really enjoyed the Lion King the best (hence the lack of pictures). My bestie favored the beauty and the beast. My niece and my buddies girl couldn’t pick a favorite. They were a bit sad they didn’t see Sleeping Beauty or Tiana, but we just told them they may have caught the flu. My niece melted my heart mid-show by saying “I just can’t stop smiling.”

So that’s the story and some tips for our Disney On Ice experience.

P.S. I totally felt like a mom being all super prepared and having the event run smoothly, couldn’t have done it without my bestie helping us stick together. Much thanks to my bestie too for sharing her extra ticket.

Have you ever over-prepared (in a good way), having it be well worth it before an event? How about seeing remarkable costumes along with outstanding choreography?
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  1. Oh my gosh, I love the girly gear. I also love the crustless PB&J and that someone called you mini-mouse. Awesome.

    My favorite part however, was the brain freeze. Remind me to order you a super big ice cream cone right before you get in the car to go somewhere.

    Sorry, but that would have been awesome to see.

    1. No need to be sorry- it was hilarious!

      I actually spilled all over the counter, in my sad attempt at eating ice quickly. It actually looked closer to animals at feed time except with a purple tongue. And after asking for the towel to attempt to erase the mistake, the gentleman simply said "you didn't come here to clean, let me take care of that for you." Now that’s the true Disney spirit.

  2. What a wonder time of making memories.

  3. You'd be an awesome mommy!!


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