0 Oh Yeah, It's Wednesday

So, I forgot it was Wednesday, which I usually reserve for marketing/research/catching up on the back-end of working a blog. That means the $5 Drum Shade tutorial should hopefully come tomorrow late afternoon/evening.

Plus I woke up to these lovely scenes:
Which also meant waking up early and making the boyfriend his lunch and a bit of snow removal during the day. Not to mention this cold simply will.not.go.away.

And all that Pinterest Challenge link-fest has gotten me a bit side tracked here and there. I even started a new board:

All that to say: Sorry Folks, post tomorrow.

14 Pinterest Challenge- $5 Drum Shade

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I was incredibly excited when KatieSherry, Megan, and Michelle  announced the Pinterest Challenge. It’s a little thing (unofficial) they dreamed up to do something about some of those hoarded pins on Pinterest.

Well I’m back today to share the goods, yep I overachieved and got it done on Tuesday, around 7 pm. Better late than never?

Let’s start from the beginning shall we? We needed a light for this seen-better-days situation in our entryway. 

1 Kitchen Update: How to Repair Drywall

In our home, the only areas in the house with drywall are the kitchen and the entryway. We were lucky in a sense that drywall is more durable (as opposed to paneling in the rest of the house) and it happened to cover the areas with the most traffic in the house.

The minor downside was two medium holes to fix. One was a surprise behind the exhaust fan we removed and the other was from demoing the bathroom.  Since the boyfriend used to be a carpenter, this wasn’t a hard task. Teaching me, well it added a little time.

2 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 6

It’s the Friday before a busy weekend, and I caught a bit of a cold. Sniffles and a mega sore throat with some dizzy thrown in there. Nothing a little oatmeal, Vitamin C, OJ, Chicken Noodle Soup and DayQuil can  hopefully fix.

 It’s also time for What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays.

1 Painting the Kitchen- Part 1

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

When we last left off on the kitchen nightmare update, we had finished prepping the kitchen for paint. Due to the time crunch, we did not take the time to patch any openings in the drywall before we primed the entire kitchen. In all honestly, in a little over a month we didn't have a specific order other than getting anything and everything done as quickly as possible.

We also weren't at the point yet to fix the large opening where the bathroom door used to be, so we flipped over a piece of paneling to block the door way. This proved beneficial as the guys were working on the bathroom when we were painting. Sometimes they had left a tool in the second bedroom which became tool central after we took over the kitchen.
As you may have noticed we laid out the cabinet doors on the floor to get their coats of primer to save time. We also used the remaining drop cloths to cover the walkway to the living room. There are even two cabinet fronts forming dual function to hold the plastic down and to get their paint on.

0 Winter Pinterest Challenge announced today!

I was incredibly excited when reading my favorite blogs this morning, because it’s time for the winter edition of the Pinterest Challenge!

0 Kitchen Nightmare

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.
While Ramsay works on struggling restaurant kitchens, we were working on a little nightmare of our own: 
 Ok that’s a bit dramatic; it wasn’t really that bad…

6 Disney On Ice

Welcome A Peek Into My Paradise readers!! I hope you find the our story and additional tips so exciting that you'll find a Disney event near you, because they put on a spectacular show and is well worth it!!

Friday, I left off with a little sneak peek into my weekend plans on the What I Wore Fantastic Friday's segment.
Ever since my nephew turned 8, I’ve been taking him on ‘dates’ for his birthday. Basically, I take him to fun places where we can spend some time together. His past birthday dates included the kid’s museum, lego land, 6 flags, etc. This past year my niece was disappointed she couldn’t come with, so I asked my sister if I could start dates with her too.

What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 5

It’s Friday, woohoo! I’m super excited for this weekend as I’m celebrating my niece’s birthday a little early.

It’s also time for What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays.
If you’re just tuning in, each week I take a little stab at wearing something different every Friday (as my dress code usually consists of pajamas). Sometimes I go out in public wearing the getup (if the opportunity arises) but most of the time I just record my boyfriend’s reactions. I also keep score on those predictions.

0 Drool-worthy visuals

Today, I'm feeling a wee bit uninspired, so nothing like a little Internet browsing to spark creativity. Or as I like to call it: Drool-worthy visuals you know- to spark creativity. Basically just visuals and narrative today my friends. Aka, this next house update is giving me writers block.

First off the photo that sparked my last project (painting the office- again, there will be a post someday):
Simple, neat, lots of storage. Love the white to 'ground' the room with such a dark colored wall. 

Next up, the one inspiring me today:

4 Valentines Day Fun

With tomorrow being the big Valentine's Day and all, how about some love in the air?

First off, my boyfriend and I don't really celebrate this holiday. Bah humbug. And you're welcome sweetie.

However, my niece does and since she's been over for the past couple of weeks, I thought it would be nice to help her create valentines cards for her family.  Here's what we ended up with:
They say: You're my love bird, Be my Valentine, and I wheelie like you. 

2 Saved by the Vase

Maybe I should have called it “saved the vase,” or "Update/fix a vase with spray paint" but hopefully a flashback to 90’s sitcoms will make someone’s day.

0 Whoa there's hardwood under there?

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

When we last left off on the Living Room and Office updates, we tore down the banister half wall, where you got a sneak peak of the floor.
We began this little update by removing the carpeting. Since we were all finished painting and mess making, we figured it was the best time to remove the stinky, gross carpet.

When the boyfriend worked as a carpenter he found the best way to remove carpet is by carefully using a utility knife and cutting the carpet into smaller sections (think two feet or smaller). Then, rolling the pieces up and finally using string or rope to tie them into ‘bundles.’ We removed about 13 bundles from the living room and office. He likes to cut the short end first sort of like so:

0 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 4

Wow is it Friday already?! Is it possible that this seemed like the fastest but longest week in a while? Probably doesn’t make any sense.

Either way, since it is Friday (if I say it again, maybe it will sink in), it’s time for What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays.

If you’re new, welcome!  So glad you stopped by.

This little post goes over what I wear on Fridays. And since my day job consists of me hanging out at my new desk working on the blog and photography, never going out in public (this sounds a little nerdy), I get to wear anything I want. So take the traditional what I wore from other lovely ladies like Lindsey, or Megan and add my little awkward spin.

0 Opening the Living Room

Maybe you remember we had this less than stellar divider from the living room to the kitchen that desperately needed to go.
1. It was an eye sore.
2. We could always use more light in the kitchen (since there's only one window).
3. A wider door way for moving appliances in, is an added bonus (since it's a straight shot from the front door- the primary door for moving).

So what’s a girl to do? Karate kick the banisters down. No photo proof this time, sorry my friends.

0 Painting the Living Room & Office

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

After prepping the living and office areas, it’s time for paint. We skipped the sanding step and went straight for primer. We also made yet another trip to the store. This time we hit up Menards and Walmart loading up on all the paint goodies. His mom supplied a complete roller and a paint brush; which was amazing, but we needed more. Oh and every time we stopped at Menards, I wander by the “Oops paint” area to see what mistakes were made. At $5 for an entire can, it was right up our cheap-tush alley.  And hey, if we hated the color- we could mix a different color or head back to the store spending another Mr. Lincoln.

1 Primer | 2 1 ½” angle  | 3 2” angle | 4 2” flat | 5 Roller Set | 6 Paint Kit | 7 Paint Kit
Our paint kit (like #6) included an additional roller and a wooden extension. I highly recommend kits if you haven't inherited or have any paint supplies. They definitely beat purchasing separately.

0 Prepping the Living Room and Office

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

First off, I’d like to thank those of you who took the little pole at the bottom of the First House Tour Post. As mentioned, the pole results dictate the room order.
I will begin with the Living Room and Office and make our way to the bathroom- saving the best for last.

2 What I wore- Fantastic Fridays: Week 3

It’s time for this week’s edition of What I Wore- Fantastic Fridays. Basically, since I now work from home, there was this urge to have a little fun on Fridays. Mix 1 part “what I wore” with 1 part “Twist” (aka wearing out of the ordinary clothes) and you get a Fantastic Friday.

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