0 Procrastination at its finest

Alright, confession time. I have been procrastinating on this whole photo/video house tour for quite some time. I think it had to do with a lot of past events. Discouraging events (robbery anyone? Yeah I know stop using that excuse already), mad dash on updating the house, moving in, another mad dash to complete projects before winter, leaving the job, then the holidays, followed by the benefit. Add that to the fact that the whole video process is very time consuming- the last video I ‘produced’ was for the ex when he was overseas- some rough memories.

Let’s lighten things up with this embarrassingly amazing video:

A few disclaimers -er- comments:
1. I do not claim to be gangster. I assure you I am the whitest white chick- you should fear your safety see this girl on the dance floor.
2. This was a competition that my previous employer held to come up with great ways to make the 'standards of excellence' program stick. We took it upon ourselves to stand out from the crowd.
3. Yes our lips are meant to be like Chinese Subtitles.
4. My car makes a cameo about 2:40.
5. We had to re-shoot the alley scene where we walk a few times because A (of ATM Mafia) wasn’t ‘gangster enough.’
6. I’m ridiculously proud of said alley scene because it was my idea.
7. We rapped some shout outs to various departments in the bank at about 2:47.
8. Admission: I’m super shy and A drowns out my voice during the rap. Let’s call it background mouse squeaks.
9. I had a little too much fun demolishing the speaker, as in I may have hogged it. Heck I had a little too much fun throughout the whole dang process.
10. There is a longer version on Facebook which contains graphic language and out-takes which are out of this world. However, it is set to private, so no further fun for you.
11. Just realized, there are too many comments about this video.

Oh and if you have some free time, here is another video we completed for the prior week's objective.

How about another back-story? Boring and Lame, you decide.

Somewhere after the robbery- being seemingly slaughtered, torn apart, ripped up and spit up (sorta like Nut up and Shut up? Zombieland), and yanked through the unrealistic hurdles of insurance and right after we purchased the home, I took all these shots/videos of the house before we made any changes. Somewhere in the middle I had filled up every.single.memory.card we owned. Granted there may have only been about three memory cards left as most were left in my stolen camera bag, all cards were empty and ready for my paparazzi photo excursion while on vacation.
Lots of run-on sentences? Check.

I digress. Needless to say, we were in the middle of a few projects and were constantly driving back and forth between house and apartment when the cards were completely maxed out.  So mid-chaos, I quickly transferred all the photos to my boyfriend’s computer which is probably the oldest one of our dinosaur collection. I had full intentions of making a backup copy on my external HD, where ever it was.

To make things even more complicated, all of my belongings were located either at my boyfriend’s house, in one of my two cars (this was spring so I could choose to drive my summer or winter car- don’t judge I LOVE cars), my dad’s house- where I stored some stuff, or at the new old house. Sometimes things would creep their way to work- USB drives and shoes anyone? Just me? Let’s just say keeping track of stuff was a bit difficult at times.

Ever since the robbery I’ve made a habit of trying to back things up on a frequent basis. Which just lead to sporadic files everywhere. On different computers, on different external drives, on different USB drives, you get the point.

Sometimes it felt like this:
When it should have been like this:

So once things finally settled a bit, I took a look at the boyfriend’s files and couldn’t find the videos or pictures of the bathroom and other minor details. I searched and searched, then searched some more on various hard drives, USB drives, work files, etc to no avail. Man I was freaking out and sad. The poor boyfriend probably took the brunt of it all. Finally a week or so ago, I stumbled across some videos and man was that a Godsend. Ever since I found them though, I look at them and run away screaming walk away. Ick.

Anyway, all of this explanation to show you that I’m working on the house tour post and it seems like it’s the next logical post. Unfortunately filler posts aren’t exactly sparking right now. Don’t get me wrong I have been plenty busy working on this 'lil old blog and other life things.
            - make some tweaks to the look of the blog. Check.
- make dinner for the boyfriend 2 nights this week. Check.
- continue the blog class. Check.
- chores completed around the house. Check.
- work on the Photography side gig. Check.
            - socialize with the blog community- here and there.

I’m sure I could have used some of the time it took me to complete this post to focus on the House Tour Post, but then new content wouldn't be ready until Monday or so. So, I'm still working on it.

What about you, what have you procrastinated on lately? Please do tell. Maybe you too get a little carried away with the strikeout style? Only me? Alrighty then. How about old movie sayings? I can't be the only one.

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