0 Our Home, House tour: The Before Part 3

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

Part 1, is the first floor.
Part 2, is the exterior.
Part 3, is the upstairs, you are here.

It’s time for Part 3 of the long awaited house tour posts, which will go over the second floor. I believe I saved the grimiest most gross part of the house for last. Again, it may be helpful to review the floor plan layout here.

When we purchased the house, the listing description stated we had three bedrooms. We couldn’t figure out which rooms they considered bedrooms as the listing stated two upstairs and one down. When in reality the upstairs had three ‘rooms’ and the downstairs had two 'rooms.' However, I wouldn’t have considered any of the rooms upstairs as something someone could actually consider a bedroom in their condition.

Presenting the upstairs, I warn you it is probably in the roughest shape of the whole house.


 Left Room

 Left Room's Ceiling and Closet. We specifically stated animal droppings to be cleaned, guess they missed a bunch. You're welcome.

Enclosed porch (connected to the left room).

 Center Room

 Right Room. This room ended up being the painting room.

For some reason I really liked this iron grate which was the only venting which lead upstairs.

We were told by our inspector that the holes in the ceiling were from a leaky roof at one time. He also mentioned the leaky roof must have been years ago. The roof has since been fixed as we could see the roof was in good condition from the rafters and when he inspected on the roof. We know the upstairs hadn't been used for years or even visited based on the condition.

I was too scared of an attacking critter to take pictures of the rafters that towered over the bedroom ceilings- you may be able to take a peak in one of the holey ceiling shots. Also, there aren't any photos of the random extra space behind the bedrooms in fear of needing a rabies shot.

Hope you enjoyed the house tour. Now we can get on with some work to the house. Hope ya'll are still with me.

How about you? Were you ever scared to go in the attic?

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