0 Our Home, House tour: The Before Part 2

This series of home posts are events which occurred in the distant past, please bear with me until I catch up to the present.

Part 1, is the first floor.
Part 2, is the exterior, you are here.
Part 3, is the upstairs.

It’s time for Part 2 of the long awaited house tour posts, which will go over the layout of the land. Again, it may be helpful to review the floor plan layout here.

Here is the charming (sarcasm much) exterior of the house:

Couldn’t find a before pic, so here’s the winter version of the left side.

Right side.

Didn’t find a before pic so here is a Photoshopped version of the back of the house, where I basically added the window.

As you see we have three dormers, but they don't match.  We also have a porch which is also in need of much work. We would eventually like to have a 2 sided porch from the front to the side entrance of the house. We also contemplate adding on to the back of the house as well as the left side of the house to gain a bit more square footage. Lastly, we have some dreams of changing the exterior color as white is nice at times but it is quite difficult to keep clean and make it look beautiful. Plus it’s a bit difficult to match up existing siding due to fading, etc. Ahh someday…

And the garage.
More 'goodies' left behind.

White shows all the dirt, maybe years of grime. Either way we are set on a dark color for the exterior. We were just happy to have a two and a part car garage. Although we both agreed we would eventually take this one down (it would be in the way of an addition) and build a larger steel building.

Moving onto landscaping. This is the primary reason we purchased the house:
It was high on our list of priorities. We have a just over two acres of land and most of it is flat grass. There are so many possibilities to be had.  We are hoping to line the “silent neighbors” side of the property with pine trees this spring.  We also own the ‘forest’ side down to the creek which is that line of trees in the far back.

 Again, no picture from when we moved in, so snowy version it is.

The landscaping here has not been maintained in years, so most is overgrown and random placement. Nothing a chainsaw, transplanting, and replanting can’t fix someday.

Lets split them into categories shall we?



Miscellaneous landscaping:

Now that I put you through all that ugly how about some inspiration on what we would love for the exterior of the house to look like:
                                 Pin | Source                                                             Pin | Source
Since the 'style' of the house is a craftsman bungalow, we thought we would stick with that style and just update the look- quite a bit. We’re thinking dark colors with white accents and columns that are similar to the photos above. I’m hoping for grey, the boyfriend is voting for red- who knows where we will end up.

How about you? Any color debating going on for you? How about some really hideous before photos to light a fire under your tush?

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