3 Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge

I’ve been thrift store shopping since- well forever!! Hello nine-year-old-self walking around the block to my local goodwill buying gently used games and toys. The choice back then- 3D puzzles. I remember this one savvy find was an Eiffel tower puzzle with 10 pieces missing- must have been where my obsession with that structure came from.

Oh and who can forget the awful basement lighting shots in the Goodwill posting back in March of 2011?

Anywho, last week when I read over on YoungHouseLove that they had a new challenge- this time a THRIFT STORE, I jumped on that quicker than MACGyver at a Farmers Market (watching too much Hulu? Meh.). They called it the Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge. And that song is my jam. Actually car danced heard it on the radio to the thrift store the other day.

Step#1: $20 in my pocket

Step#2: Spend it
Confession: This little gem wasn’t found at a thrift store, if she was I’m sure she would have been so much more than $20. Rather, she was found through Craigslist! True story- somehow I keep purchasing from the same lovely couple. Last summer we went to their garage sale and found some cute d├ęcor items. Then when we were updating our bathroom, we purchased a towel bar set. The only reason I know is because 1) I graduated with the lovely lady and 2) they purchased the ex-hubby’s parents house. Weird coincidences huh? Anywho, here is lovely proof:

I didn’t even try to talk them down because I just wanted the sucker before anyone else even had the chance. Plus, that’s such a steal in my book. It was already listed for two days before I found her. Immediately, before even asking the beau if he minded helping or even liked it, I responded to the listing. Let’s just say I overly obsessed checked my email constantly until receiving the response that it was still available. That was Wednesday and immdediately scheduled a pick up on Friday. Boy was I nervous the entire time that someone else would scoop it up before I got the chance. She's already in use and a post to come soon when the office is revealed.

Here are some other gems I found and picked up last Friday:
 My office desk was a waaay better bargain. Who’s with me?

 The same one posted over on the blog's facebook page to get opinions before I bought. Had to add some Photoshop flair. 

Step#3: Find items from the song
And here are my two obnoxious finds and a bonus one for fun.
 My all pink outfit. I know you love those shoulder pads. This is F_ _ KING awesome!

I had my sweet niece with and she was all about encouraging me to buy it. What can I say, her love of pink shields her fashion sense.

On our way out we spotted this little ditty:
Luggage with style- gotta love that Winnie and his pooh, wait that didn’t come out right.

And just for fun- this thing would totally come home with me if we had a young child.
 I think it looks like a jet ski police boat.

Have you found any obnoxious outfits, or had some plain ‘ol fun at a thrift store?

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  1. Another awesome find. I don't have any luck when I look on Craigslist.

    1. I usually don't have much luck either buying or selling. Glad this piece changed outlook on Mr. Craig.

  2. I need to remember to keep checking Craigslist..great find.


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