0 Beat the Cancer Benefit: Recap

This is a short post today as I inch my way closer to the promised before shots/videos of our home. Heck, I’ll even include a free download for a silent auction bid, shall you ever need one.

First off, I’d like to thank all of you locals who came out to support the Beat the Cancer event and made it such a success. The donations went to help a wonderful woman/grandmother/mother though the financial struggles of this horrible disease.

Getting ready for this event, personally, was quite the challenge. It was really the first time putting myself out there as a ‘photographer’ and the goal was to incorporate small details and look as professional as possible.

That translates to a ‘booth’ of some sort, and some research on silent auctions as I’ve never really bid nor knew how one worked. P.S. I found this link to be the greatest help.

Long story short the ‘booth’ ended up looking similar to this:

I was too nervous to take a picture at the event for fear of feeling shallow, conceited, etc. a photo at home makes it all the more comfortable.

I made these lovely ‘confetti’ using my silhouette.

The business cards were also made using our home printer and my silhouette.

Those suckers were the biggest time consumers and yet they still somehow came out a bit defective:

#BusinessCardSemiFail. I was also told- by a very sweet business man, that I should use a Color LaserJet instead of the printer I currently have. Here’s to hoping rushing to the last second won’t be the name of the game next time.

And lastly, the bid sheets for the benefit.
As promised here is a free PDF download of the bid sheets for personal use only.  Enjoy!

What about you, have you put in a lot of effort to a good cause lately? How about a lot of effort into anything with all this cold weather/winter hibernation? Tell me all about it!

P.S. I was not paid or perked by Silhouette, I use the product on my own accord.

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