4 "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Christmas song yes? But fitting today, for sure!

It all started Saturday night with 60 MPH winds. It was one of my sisters birthday parties so we paid visit to her. When traveling to and from, we thought we were going to get blown into the ditch. When we got into the city, I think it was way worse and even saw a garbage can complete with all the garbage blow across four lanes of traffic. Good thing no one was hurt as it flew at the right moment when no one was in it's path.

On the way home three semi trailers were tipped on their sides and a high speed chase either directly ahead of us or somewhat behind us. We couldn’t believe someone had the audacity to go 100+ mph in an Explorer passed some of these one lane trailers just for the thrill or whatever they were trying to accomplish. The entire trip made for white knuckles for sure. 

Anywho, it was grocery shopping day yesterday and this type of weather is just not nice. It may say 9°F but there was most likely a wind chill which we didn't capture.

 So what’s a girl to do? Dress for the elements:

Yes snow pants were in order.

And in case you doubted that it wasn’t grocery store attire:
How do you like them apples? Har har. Seriously no shame, when it’s cold, I spare no embarrassment.

And the temp last night- again without the windchill:

So today it is 2°F if you include the wind chill it’s -15°. Schools and some other local business are closed for the day. 

The weather person predicted today's high and lows at -4?!

What are your methods to stay warm? Or cool if you're lucky enough to be in climate which is warm all year round? How was your weekend?


  1. I had a coat on...pretty sure it was all buttoned. lol no hat, scarf, or gloves...kept baby super bundled though!!!!

    1. Jealous that's all it took to keep ya warm. I'm sure little Trevor didn't even notice a difference!

  2. Apples never looked so 'A peel'ing. Had to add to your humor. I love this blog. Looks like you have some seriously warm clothes. I am jealous!

    1. Bahaha! I love your sense of humor, it always makes my day!


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