2 2013 Resolutions

Graphic by: Trisha D.
To be honest, resolutions are not my favorite things to write. Maybe it was a previous employer which a painfully thorough goal writing process.  Either way, here are a few of my resolutions this year.
Graphic by: Trisha D.
Get Organized- documents
Yeah I know this is probably the most cliché/overused resolution, but seriously I haven’t filed/organized personal documents in probably 4-6 years, YIKES! They’re all in boxes and quite chaotic. This would help when I need to dig up that policy back from 2007 in a few minutes as opposed to a few hours. Another added benefit- handing over documents to the ex, to breathe a huge sigh of relief.  Spoil alert, this resolution actually started this past weekend since we were cleaning the house and I noticed I better get on this before it clutters and overtakes my workspace.

Extra credit: organize all documents on the ‘ol computer. Since moving to Cali and back, being robbed of the laptop back in April, and leaving my employer, all of which have files attached- let’s just say, it’s a whole lot of crazy mess over here. Backing up files would then become ridiculously easy.

Graphic by: Trisha D.
Be on Time/Early
Since moving away from the city, I feel as though I’ve used the excuse “I’m running late” to my advantage too often, since it takes seemingly forever to get anywhere from my house. This past weekend, during the benefit, was the last straw. It was the first time putting myself out there as a photographer and the perfectionist mentality took over. I was about an hour and a half late, good thing my boyfriend acted as assistant.

In the past I’ve set my clock ahead 10 minutes. Some adjustments may be to shoot for a half hour early for everything- if the deadline is 1pm, make it a point to have it done by 12:30 instead.

Graphic by: Trisha D.

Less Food Waste
Weekly Menu- I guess this could be considered part of organization, knowing the way I like lists, if it is separate, it will at least be attempted. Sadly our household seems to throw away a lot of food whether from expiration, sitting in the back of the fridge, or general laziness (which results in going out to eat).

I’ve read a lot of menu planning in the past, and hopefully we will come-up with something that works for us. Of course there has been some pinning for inspiration.

Graphic by: Trisha D.
300 readers per day
I would love to grow this little blog to about 300 readers per day by the end of 2013. Some rough ideas to accomplish this are by getting involved in link parties, actively participate in Pinterest Challenges, and genuinely network with the blog community.
Graphic by: Trisha D.
10 Photo Shoots completed
Since my intentions for the photography gig is to really be my ‘side job,’ 10 photo shoots would be a dream come true. The Beat the Cancer Benefit brought one shoot this year and one next (for senior pictures- yay!). I’m ridiculously excited.
Graphic by: Trisha D.
Finish the blog class. Read all Pinterest posts on Photography. Complete the the 31 days to a better photo challenge- which includes digging up and reading my camera manual. Read, live and breathe this photography site.

What are your resolutions?


  1. I really like that someone is talking about New Year's Resolutions when it's not just before or right after New Years. It seems like a much more true effort.

    I also had this goal of becoming organized.

    I use google calendar, contacts, and also an app for lists called gtasks (it syncs with google calendar).

    Contacts birthdays and such also autosyncs with the calendar. Bonus, you can sync it with your boyfriends calendar and then it increases communication.

    You can subscribe to other calendar for sports (just an example) or t.v. shows, etc. It has one for different religious holidays as another example or just regular U.S. Holidays.

    You can simply unsubscribe or subscribe to them at will.


    1. Thanks Chris, they were talking about Google Calendar at one of the conferences and was meaning to check it out. I didn't realize it had all these benefits. The syncing is probably the feature I'm looking the most forward to. Thanks so much for the insight!!

      Much Love,
      Trisha D.


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