10 Day off

Today I am taking a day away to make life a bit easier like setting up Photoshop Actions (sheesh where have these things been my whole life?!) and catching up on some house chores so we don't look like Hoarders.

And mainly because no one likes running out of spoons, although obstacle courses can be fun.
Graphic Credit, Words: Trisha D.


  1. Four casual days on the job and then a day off? Sounds like work if you can get it.

  2. Replies
    1. This comment saved you, I was this close |_| from spamming the comment and crying myself to sleep.

    2. Ps. I keep very busy reading this new dictionary- urbandictionary.com maybe you've heard of it? Just the other day i finally nailed down a true text action: rofsmslmao oh and it's probably nsfw or nsfym for that matter.

  3. Applinking went well BTW. You should consider project management.

    1. Oh yeah? Good to hear.
      Did you launch any rockets from the fax machine yet? Or do you need me to come visit and show you again?

    2. I can picture an episode of McGiver . He's flying the space shuttle when the controls go dead. Not one to panic, he eyes up the copy/fax machine in back, reroutes the controls through it, and lands the shuttle safely. Just another day at the office.

  4. Yikes! One more post and I will cross the line into stalking.


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