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My apologies for my absence, graphics take quite a bit longer to make than expected.

It’s hard to believe Christmas is less than 1 week away and even more surprising, I started and completed Christmas shopping in about 2.5 hours --get this-- YESTERDAY! Normally my shopping is complete on or before cyber Monday. This year I guess the time just slipped.

Unfortunately for me, my budget was quite small this year as I took the plunge on entrepreneurship at the wrong time of year (I know queue the world’s smallest violin). On the other hand, fortunately my list was small this year.

What did I purchase you may ask? Well thank you for asking and here we go… Oh and I must state that I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for those who I think may read this blog thing. So to remain mysterious, I added some gift ideas and/or snuck in the actual gift? Who knows, I’m sneaky like that. Maybe someday they’ll  get the other thing(s).

Time for a story. One set of my many nieces and nephews mean the world to me since we’re uber (yep I still use that word) close and I am blessed to have two of the sweetest ones in my life. So this summer when we were working on our house they would come visit and play in the yard while the adults worked on various projects in the home. They sporadically picked up a brush or two (future post I promise!) as well.  Anywho, my nephew, being as thoughtful as he is, occasionally brought over some toys to keep him and his sister occupied. One time he brought his scooter and left it here by accident. And being the forgetful Auntie I am, I failed to return it every time. He reminded me on several occasions and I even packed it in the trunk one time and failed to give it to him. So one day he said “Trisha, it’s ok you can keep it at your place so I have something to do when I visit.” So that’s the story on how I choose his present this year.

Another story for my nieces' gift. Santa is bringing her the #1 item on her Christmas list this year. A sweet puppy. She also loves coloring so lets combine the two, plus those velvet things were soooo cool when I was young. Then a few weeks ago, my sister had mentioned she’s really into crafty and creative things. So off to hobby lobby, and that's what I ended up with:
Scooter | 2 Potters Wheel Factory | 3 Velvet fun coloring

Next up, is my boyfriend. Everyone loves a theme right? Maybe it's a subtle hint that we should do some outdoor stuff this spring/summer.

Porta $hitter Potty | 2 Solar Water Bag and Outdoor Shower | 3 Propane Grill | 4 Egg holder (oddly I've always wanted one of these wasn't sure the camping purpose) | 5 Branding Iron | 6 Mini Cooper (hey I can tell him I bought him a car for Christmas) | 7 Shoes

Onto my buddy. His hometown is all the way across the world in Czech Republic so why not make him feel at home every once and a while? Oh and handcrafting all these yard games is all part of the fun.
1 Testie Toss er Ladder Golf | 2 Master Tumble Tower (aka adult size Jenga) and Photo Credit | 3 Czech Beer | 4 Bear Pong- no I didn't spell it wrong, this is yard size | 5 Outdoor Twister Kit: Paint, Twister Game Board Template | 6 paper or cardboard circle template (my photo)

Then my bestie requested her personal stylist again and how could I say no? Oh and she said she didn’t have a budget- SCORE! So I whipped up this little mood board with some of her purchases. And to set the mood, she requested an outfit fitting for a holiday party. I also had her get an extra outfit while she was at it. Here is what we came up with:

1 Red Ruffle Top | 2 Silver Jeans | 3 Black Pointy Shoes (she owns already) | 4 Layered Flower Neaklace | 5 Assorted Bangle Set | 6 Reindeer Ring | 7 One Shoulder Blue Sequin Top | 8 Another Pair of Silver Jeans | 9 Sparkle Ballet Flats

She already had both pairs of shoes, and if she's reading this, I recommend some cute festive-ish jewlery (like above) to finish things off.

P.S. I was not paid or perked from any of these vendors, I just happily went about my Christmas shopping.

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