2 Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty I’m free at last!

As the famous Martin Luther King Jr exclaimed in his 1963 “I have a dream speech.”  This is totally relate-able as I am fortunate to follow my dreams.

Call it overachieving, but I started my new job, early Tuesday night.  It all started with “Hey sweetie, I think I’m going to work on a few things for the blog tonight.”  That was 8:30pm and the marathon didn’t finish until 1AM.  That made the following day (which happened to be my last day of work) a tired one- ah well win some lose some.  Although, it was worth the trouble to update the header, make a photography logo, and revise some content.

The header went from this- too much going on:

To this- more simple version:

Better? And there is another header update in the works as the current size is a bit wonky.

Here are some others that didn’t quite make the cut:

Moving along, I discovered I have this super chill boss who declared my first day as extreme casual day (aka jeans and biggest-comfy-shirt you can find) and jammie Friday.  Who knows maybe Monday will be crazy hair and Tuesday hat day?
Wishful thinking?

This new boss I tell ya is easygoing when it comes to start and end times.  Just yesterday I started the day off by lying in bed daydreaming about what lies ahead.  Then, got up to do some mini-work out session.  And by this I mean a modified 8-minute ab routine with crunches and one sided plank hip lifts as I sprained my ankle Monday.
No bueno. Hanging my head in shame.

I know I know: What Happened?! You scream.  Weeeellll, in preparation for my last day at work I figured I would take a box of work matter home- which was oddly heavy for some reason, I guess junk accumulates over the years.  Yeah yeah no biggie, but let’s add my highest pair of heels I own, and unsuspecting friends ready to pounce.

So as I’m walking out and heading down a steep driveway when -in my peripherals- I see a coupe I knew and did a double take.  Wrong timing, I missed my step and bam hit the ground.   Yes it was ridiculously amusing, I probably laughed harder than anyone.  The amount of witness impact has yet to be determined but lucky them, having a laugh at my expense. Too bad they didn’t capture on video and submit to Americas funnies home videos (btw is that still running?).  My friends helped as the box top flew off and all I remember saying was, “it was nice to share a laugh.”  Since I couldn’t remember if I even said thank you from my moment of shame, I texted:

Anyway back to how my first day went, come 9-9:30AM I actually started on blog tasks.  As my co-worker was dragging its feet booting up ever so slowly, it was perfect lighting conditions to take photos for a future post.

Speaking of co-workers, I must introduce my slow coworker, I call him “Oldie Moldy XP” he is cranky and talks back- frequently.  He better watch out though because I hear throwing towers out the window can be quite therapeutic.  My other bright superstar monitor co-worker makes me dizzy sometimes and my dear friend Google hasn’t provided any solution as of yet.

As fate has it, Mr. Moldy required a number of updates and some software to be updates- bahh.   So in the spirit of time management it was high time to get some house work done.  Man this freedom might take some getting used to. Two laundry loads and some ironing (for the blazer picture here) later and I’m back on track.

First up, adding some flavor to two old posts with fresh content and improved pictures here and here.  Going through unorganized archived pictures to find ones that would fit was quite interesting to say the least. Ahh memories.
Old picture of my niece and nephew at an old Christmas work event with Reindeer

And let’s just say updating content and editing pictures for said posts ate up a good portion of the day.

The next task was to work on the look and feel of the blog.  It’s extremely easy to get caught up in the small details- that stuff gets super time-consuming. Googling around how to do this, and that.

Lastly, I thought I would get a head start on the About and Blog Love pages (which are on their way).  Unfortunately, I have to figure out how to get tabs at the top of the page. This brought me right up to the end of the work day when the boyfriend got home telling me to get ready for the Christmas party.

Wow, a long-winded post with approximately 765 words recalling my first day experience.


  1. Christopher J. RahnDecember 8, 2012 at 12:17 PM

    I knew that box was a lot heavier than you let on! I should have taken it. You have done an AMAZING job on this blog so far. I am a huge fan.

    1. I think I figured out how to reply.
      Thank you for the kind words, Chris! And if it weren't for the quadruple threat, I would have been fine :p


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