2 A fresh new start

A new me is on it's way. I resigned from the job to pursue my dreams of entrepreneurship, and today is my last day. Gutsy, I know, but it is now or never right?

In the near future, I hope to have a few things crossed off my good 'ol to do list:
  • Update the blog look (started a few pieces already)
  • Post more frequently
  • Outline my house experience- buying, remodeling, etc bringing up to present
  • Throw in some current-ish events
  • Spice up some old posts (better/more pictures, more content)
  • Get photography site up and running
  • Work on an Etsy store
  • Promote and gain followers
  • Complete my volunteer photographer efforts for a Cancer benefit (more details to come)
  • Take a blogging class
  • Mentor a photographer and/or attend seminars or workshops
There are a whole lot of things in store, so hold on tight.

And since no post is complete without pictures, I leave you with these:

Cell phone quality
Yes, FINALLY, purchased a home- back in April- better late than never? (Purchasing a home post: Part 1, Part 2)

Photo Credit: from the lovely @bejeromy
And Spirit FINGERS (a post to come)!!


  1. thought a poem by Bukowski seems appropriate.

    nobody but you

    nobody can save you but
    you will be put again and again
    into nearly impossible
    they will attempt again and again
    through subterfuge, guise and
    to make you submit, quite and/or die quietly

    nobody can save you but
    and it will be easy enough to fail
    so very easily
    but don't, don't, don't.
    just watch them.
    listen to them.
    do you want to be like that?
    a faceless, mindless, heartless
    do you want to experience
    death before death?

    nobody can save you but
    and you're worth saving.
    it's a war not easily won
    but if anything is worth winning then
    this is it.

    think about it.
    think about saving your self.
    your spiritual self.
    your gut self.
    your singing magical self and
    your beautiful self.
    save it.
    don't join the dead-in-spirit.

    maintain your self
    with humor and grace
    and finally
    if necessary
    wager your life as you struggle,
    dam the odds, damn
    the price.

    only you can save your

    do it! do it!

    then you'll know exactly what
    I am talking about.

    1. Very interesting poem. The part about humor and grace is very fitting. Saving oneself from corporate world is the price to pay.


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