0 Robbery

This is a story of a girl who continues to have horrible luck while struggling to remain positive, be grateful, remind herself that this world isn't so horrible, and not everything is bad and rotten.  Where to begin, lets see here...

While all hyper and excited on the beginning of a long and overdue roadtrip vacation with a few of the most wonderful people I know, tragedy strikes.  Only 1 full day in and the lowest point on the vacation occurred.

What you may ask? A/some thieves had the audacity to break into two of the three vehicles we traveled in.
What did they take? Everything which could sell quickly.
Who was the one the most affected? This girl.  Laptop, cellphone, hair straightener, jewelry, headphones, walkie talkies, my camera bag with all the lenses (and battery charger), and many other misc electronics.  I must say I feel for the kids the most though, because their Birthday and Christmas presents were now all gone, which just kills me.
What else did the robber(s) have the nerve to take? A breathing machine a person in our party needed in case symptoms of a cold arose.

The whole process of reporting the incident was rather suspicious and took longer than it really should have.  After what felt like pulling teeth, we finally got the hotel to contact the police (we choose not to call 911 as we always felt that should be left for life threatening/last case scenario situations).  The police officer arrived quite some time later.  He took our statements, and took fingerprints from the vehicles, we told him about the security cameras.  This process, again took longer than it should have- he was using a palm pilot or some weird cellphone to document all of our statements.

I couldn’t take much more from the whole situation and I could see the children with us were getting nervous and scared, so I took it upon myself to take them up to our room and let them watch TV.  They were less than well behaved (fighting, shouting, kids will be kids stuff) but given the circumstances, I don’t blame them one bit.  In the meantime, I was in freak-mode trying to remember and change contact info on anything attached to accounts used on any of the devices stolen to hopefully prevent ID theft/unauthorized usage on my accounts.  Than finally and thankfully, I got some relief after a few adults came to my rescue.  I left the room and walked around to gather my thoughts and composure.

After some chatting, all agreed we wouldn’t let this ruin our trip.  We let ourselves grieve that evening and tried to put the past behind us and move forward.  We all contacted each of our insurance agents to get the reports in.

We counted our blessings that the windows weren't shattered, none of us were hurt, they didn’t take EVERYTHING, and that the robbers left the vehicles in a drivable condition so we could continue on with our vacation. A few days later, we actually turned things to a lighter note making fun of the situation.

Once we got home, we were motivated to follow through with our insurance only to come and find out: just about everything was not covered.  The quote to replace the locks were under the deductible amount (no claim needed), the personal items were also under the deductibles (no claim) and as for me– well according to the adjuster, some minor line in the policy voided out most of my electronics.  Shocking? Yes. Hurtful? Yes. It really makes you question the reason why we must have insurance if we cannot even use it.  The minor things which were covered will increase the insurance rates- go figure.

My whole experience trying to replace my items were also like pulling teeth.  Being told to replace the phone, doing so at full retail cost, and then getting the news it probably isn’t covered is enough to make anyone red in the face. I was out of a cell phone for almost 3 weeks, in this day an age what a pain. I mean thankfully family and work allowed me to use their phones (respectfully off company time of course) to figure everything out.

Out of the whole situation I would say the worst part of it was: loosing all the pictures I cannot replace of my nephews recent birth.  I can handle: losing all calendar info (for a girl who lives by her cell phone calendar), calling history, texts (for other issues at hand), bookmarks of favorite websites, music, etc. it just doesn't compare.  If they were the nicest robbers in the world the one thing I could hope for is to send me my micro SD card back, I’m sure my address was somewhere in one of the many things stolen from me.  Wishful thinking.

The whole experience leaves you feeling VIOLATED, helpless and hopeless, everyone-is-out-to-get-you, nothing feels safe, shame, regret, and a million other thoughts and feelings.  It leaves you with a bad taste of the location in which it occurred, leaving you never to want to return there again.

I would say the situation also helped me (even just a little) try to be more grateful for the people and things I have worked hard at/on as opposed to those less fortunate.  There are many others in worse situations than I.  So even though scared/worried/stressed, I am grateful.
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