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Today's post is all about DIY'ing our way through our Zombie Lego Man Costumes. Of course the Pinterest Challenge (Sherry: here, Katie: here, Ana: here, and Erin: here) was just the kick in the tush we needed to really get these things out of our heads and into reality.

So before I get into pictures and details, lets question- How does one get the idea of becoming a Lego person for Halloween, you may ask? Well, a really cute friend of mine had me searching how to how to build Lego Simpsons, as he is a huge fan of the Simpsons. Sort of random but he would love to build the couch scene someday.  

Picture Location
While we were surfing, we stumbled across the picture below-- and that my friends was all the inspiration we needed to start this baby up.
Picture Location

Lucky for us, the photo had an INSTRUCTABLE already (if you don’t know about this site already, it’s pretty amazing and has TONS of inspiration with instructions!).  We basically followed the instructions for the most part, and luck for me, fore mentioned cute friend has an amazing workshop so we cut down a ton of time by using big bad tools!

The workshop
 And since I don’t really like to copy everything to the T, we put our own spin on the Lego costume.

I really wanted to be Lego Batman and have my cute friend be Lego Indiana Jones (after the Wii games), but they seemed a bit difficult, and I tend to be a perfectionist- so the time crunch (we started this project in the beginning of October I may add) could have been a contributing factor.  So then we figured this costume is all about Halloween and what Halloween doesn’t have a zombie or two?!

Thus, more surfing.  When we tried looking for actual Legos we were bummed when we came across similar ideas, but within seconds-- we used it to our advantage and ‘took’ some ideas from the costume too.  So without further adieu, more inspiration shots:

My pinterest, original location
Finally, we decided to try a combination of a few ideas.  We knew both of our costumes should be different in there own way.  And for my costume, I liked this face (and body but that was unobtainable as we went the fabric way, more on that later).
My pinterest, original location
And the battle wounds on these Lego backs for the body.
My pinterest, original location
Picture locations: Left | Right 
For my cute friend’s costume, we used inspiration from the above body and then the face below.  We also thought nubs would be interesting, so we used that too.
Original location
 Things we changed about the original INSTRUCTABLE other than design were:
  • We used different color spray paint (theirs listed yellow, red/blue/green) ours was what I like to call sparkly silver or Gloss Winter Gray Spray from home depot.  By the way, this stuff was AMAZING, it truly lived up to the 2x ultra cover it claims on the can, it also dried quickly.
  • The INSTRUCTABLE called for speaker fabric- we could not find any so we used a Dracula cape from an old costume for the mouth and eyes.  
  • On the topic of fabric, the INSTRUCTABLE called for spray painting the card board body and also mentioned this was time consuming and took A LOT of coats.  This means more spray paint, more time, more $$.  So instead we bought gray almost wool-feeling fabric.  We cut each fabric 'panel' according to each of the four sides of the body with about a half inch seam allowance (I know there may be some sewing experts reading this shaking their heads, so please no offense) and then attached the fabric using spray adhesive.  When it came to the head and arm holes, we punched a hole with a knife, then cut a mini circle.  Then, we cut toward the center and attached each 'triangle' using a hot glue gun like shown here:

  • As for the hands, we omitted the yellow kitchen gloves and contemplated using silver gloves.  Since the instructible mentioned they were warm, and we wanted more "authentic" Lego hands, we ended up using a LONG tube from my cute friend’s work (original packaging from antenna wires which the company was throwing away anyway) and cut them down to size by measuring the length of our forearms. For the 'curve' part of the hand, we found florist foam like (below) at our local dollar store, bought four of them, and used spray adhesive to bond them together and attached them to the tubes using silicone.

  • We used a unique item for the top of the Lego-- you know the part where it can connect with other Lego pieces.  Since cute friend works at a security installation place, he got his hands on various items (again, the company was throwing them away anyway).  Including decorative security camera trim ring, similar to the (below) picture.
Picture Location
  • The decorative security camera trim ring was also used to create Lego boobs because-- well I wanted people to know I was a girl.
  • We left the crease where the box flaps were on my costume to serve as a 'dress' for me, but it wasn't as noticeable as we thought.  Plus we ran out of time to decorate the 'skirt.'
  • We used silicone compound for just about everywhere we could.  We used the silicone to help make the body more durable, inside the nubs to make them look more like they were "cut off," to attach the camera trim rings to the head, and to attach my Lego boobs.
  • We did not end up using high density foam as we ran out of time (see end of post for Lessons Learned).

And now for the big reveal.

Are you ready for it?

Keep scrolling.

The suspense is killing you...

Ok it's killing me too.

Ok so maybe that was my lame way of playing a trick on you.  Hehe get it? Halloween? Anyone? Bueller?


Alright fine:

Handing out candy for Trick or Treaters

Handing out candy for Trick or Treaters

My Face
Cute Friends Face
Human-less frontside
Human-less backside, sorry about the picture quality.

Backsides at a Halloween Costume Party

Lessons Learned?
I am so glad you asked, if we were to make this costume again, would have done the following:
  • We would not recommend skiping the high density foam step from the INSTRUCTABLE because our ‘heads’ kept turning around. And I don't know about you but adjusting every time you moved was neither fun nor beautiful.  So plan ahead, as this product needs adequate dry time and ‘air out’ time to kill the fumey smell.
  • I would have loved to take the time to make my skirt more noticeable but I think the boobs made it obvious I was a girl Lego.
  • My brother gave me the tip of using black nylons for the mouth and eyes to see better.  The black costume fabric ended up being too dark and we ripped out the mouth section to see better.
  • The arms we created were bulky, difficult to maneuver, and it was not easy to complete simple tasks such as opening a door.  To do it all over again, we would probably put the foam Lego hands on a stick like this intelligent fella (and maybe add the same colored gloves): 

Picture Location
  • I also would have documented the entire process to better explain the process.  Good news, we have tons of leftover items and may try again this summer.
  • Speaking of summer, if we were to do this again, we would have started in the summer for many reasons:
    • Living in the upper Midwest, our weather is beyond unpredictable as in it could be sunny and 80°, then rain, then snow, then sleet all in one day (btw this has happened no lie). That being said, we were lucky to have the paint dry in time to wear these suckers out to costume parties.  When allowing more time to dry, we could take our time and really make these suckers look fabulous. 
    • More time = well thought out ideas.
    • No rushing.
    • Less frustrations.
I'm sure there are more but you get the idea.

Anywho, verdict? We loved them, our family loved them, our friends loved them, it may have been like what a star feels like on the red carpet or like Kim Kardashian calling the paparazzi on herself.  This may or may not have happened. We won first place at the above costume party, but we were not present to win and lost out on $100. Ahh well ya win some ya lose some.

Hope you enjoyed, toodles!


  1. These posts are astonishingly awesome!!! This is so much creativity, energy, and fun.

    Haha. I just love how you spend your time. I wish the ENTIRE WORLD would work that way.

    This is the best!!!

    1. Thank you Chris, that really means a lot. These costumes were so much fun to make and wear. I mean we went out to a few bars and we had to do some swift maneuvers just to walk through the place.

  2. These costumes are hilarious. I just imagine how much work they require. Congrats for this wonderful share.

    1. Thank you Jack! They were definitely worth the hard work; they were so much fun to make!

  3. I love couple costumes :)


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