5 Lego Man Costume

Today's post is all about DIY'ing our way through our Zombie Lego Man Costumes. Of course the Pinterest Challenge (Sherry: here, Katie: here, Ana: here, and Erin: here) was just the kick in the tush we needed to really get these things out of our heads and into reality.

So before I get into pictures and details, lets question- How does one get the idea of becoming a Lego person for Halloween, you may ask? Well, a really cute friend of mine had me searching how to how to build Lego Simpsons, as he is a huge fan of the Simpsons. Sort of random but he would love to build the couch scene someday.  

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While we were surfing, we stumbled across the picture below-- and that my friends was all the inspiration we needed to start this baby up.
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