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This is a delayed posting, but what's new.  My birthday was about a month ago and its one of those unmentionable milestones.

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This year my sister and I decided to have a combined bash.  It was [in the voice of the Incredibles kid] toootttally wicked!  We originally wanted it to be a bit more extravagant as she also had an unmentionable milestone b-day as well.  I'm talking Hollywood theme, costumes, the whole shebang. But funding turned weak and we toned it down a bit.

I was envisioning paparazzi:
Screen Capture from the E! show Kendra: Let them eat cupcakes
One can order this here.
Dressing as Audrey Hepburn:
Picture Location left Picture Location right
Finger foods, cinema decor, etc.  An awards portion for best dressed, best supporting sister, best actor (throughout the night), etc. complete with statues and tickets given upon their arrival for voting.

Here's the original invite I created for the event:
picture momentarily not available

Here's what it ended up being in the end:
picture momentarily not available

In the end we ended up renting a venue with beautiful views of the river, a nice turn out with a good mix of family and friends.  We ordered this cute cake of both of us.
picture momentarily not available

It reminded us that we do not have enough decent pictures of us together, as this one was taken from her sons birthday quite a few years back.  Anyway, the cake was half raspberry and half banana.  The woman who made our cake (from Chris's cake creations btw) is pure genius when it comes to baking the perfect cake.

We still had 'finger food' like quesadillas, crackers and cheese, chips and salsa, etc. I made these cute little signs for the food to try to dress it up a bit.
picture momentarily not available

We kept a bit of the theme rolling with the black table cloths and popcorn buckets with streamer-thingies popping out.
 picture momentarily not available

I had one brother-in-law incident that was downplayed by amazing Aunts and Uncles.

I am not one to boast, or even accept gifts well but here are some of the neat gifts I got this year:
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For those that don't know, it's nook from my very thoughtful mother-in-law. She said she thought of the idea when we were on the plane home from Cali reading my book.  I looked over and a woman had one, and mentioned I liked the ones where I could read outside without the glare.  What a thoughtful woman!  As a side note, I'm relieved to hear she still wants to remain close.
picture momentarily not available

The next one I got from the marine and it was new headlights for my car.  Most people wouldn't think this a very thoughtful gift, but it was.  Considering mine took a nice sand blast from California sandstorms.  Buffing them out was a semi-failed attempt.

Click here if you want to buy one.

The next one was from one of my closest friends.  He really didn't have to get me anything.  He's pretty amazing.  He knows I don't accept gifts well, but he does it anyway.  But he managed to sneak in a target gift card.  You may think, boo, lame, etc, but it was a fantastic idea.  Why you say? because he's a tech guy and I always ask him about his review/opinion of tech gadgets. Yep he's that kinda awesome. Again, he really didn't have to get me anything.  Any-who, I've asked him for almost a year his opinion on external Hard Drives.  He always gave his opinion and I finally took the plunge.  Boy am I glad I waited, I got a 1.5 TB [Yes Terabytes with a T] external hard drive all for the low price of $79.99.  Sure, I probably could have gone online and purchased for less BUT I had a gift card and only ended up spending about $20 of my own mullah on this baby.  Did I mention, he really didn't have to get me anything?

Next up, my aunt-in-law if it is even a technical term.  She got me this ornate black flowered scarf.
picture momentarily not available

And these adorable earrings.
picture momentarily not available

Last but not least, pops got me a gift certificate to an incredibly delicious restaurant near me. 
 picture momentarily not available

Really these things were far beyond what I could imagine, as I really just wanted every one's presence.  Such thoughtful amazing gifts! 

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