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It's been a while again since the last post. Good news: I finally got internet, bad news: no house yet.

So I can't help it if I'm a huge fan of younghouselove.com. They're so inspirational. They had a post, about a week ago, on a website called pinterest.com.  At first I was like, ugg another website.  But now I'm obsessed.  Here are only a few of the reason this site is friggin amazing:

1. I no longer need to save inspirational photos on my computer (although I'm a little leery when links become broken).
2. I have umpteen new places to search for inspiration.
3. It's easy organization
4. There's a comments section.
5. I can follow people.
I could go on and on.

0 Back from Vacation

It all started with my mother-in law asking if we wanted to go visit the hubby in PALM SPRINGS. How could I resist? 

So we planned and planned and finally we hopped a plane.  We were welcomed with beautiful weather which was sunny, warm, and just completely gorgeous-- the total opposite from snow/rain mix and 20°F Wisconsin weather.  It was the perfect time to unwind, kick up our feet, and relax. Of course we had some adventures including TONS of shopping, sea world, and visiting his base. 

When booking the hotel in Palm Springs, we were little mislead, but this trip was not about enjoying the hotel atmosphere. Here's one of the pictures they showed on their website:
Looks luxurious right?  Well imagine some stains, cracks, and untamed grass. On the other hand the pool and hot tub were well maintained- all that matters anyway am I right?
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