0 Delayed, Postponed, Disappointed

You may have guessed it-- our closing date on the home was delayed.  What a bummer. We found out March 7th.

I guess it was inevitable.  It may be a bit of good news though as some things kind of come in our favor (but still needs to be taken care of AND it sets us back about a month).  Good news: it delays the first house payment, which could never hurt.  Possible good news **crosses fingers ** we may not have to move in such cold weather, as Mother Nature could give us spring early.  Cheah right, this is Wisconsin! Haha.  I stressed to the chain of command, I didn't want this dragged out passed April 15th.


In the meantime, I still keep pounding away at the document-fetching ordeal.  Yes, they require documentation for EVERYTHING.  I’m surprised I didn’t have to take a DNA test or provide a blood sample.  Wait do they need that...?

In other news, I went on a goodwill spree spending a whopping $13.00.  More details on that later once I gather pictures.

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