1 Goodwill bargains

So, I have been a goodwill/thrift store shopper since I was very young.  Now that we're close to purchasing a home, I may turn this into an addiction.

In our area, we have designated days for 50% off certain tags. So I bought a few things...
First up is some holiday stuff, which will probably go straight to storage containers once we move in.

This charming Christmas cup.
 Originally $0.99 sale $0.50

A light-up pumpkin, already black.
Originally $1.99 sale $0.99

Here's a cute candle holder, I saw a few more (a few days before) but the others seemed to have sold.
Originally $0.49 sale $0.25

Two dazzling heart dishes, which will probably be used for Valentine's Day.
 Originally $0.99 sale $0.50 each

Next are some house items. Two medium bowls.
Originally $0.99 sale $0.50 each

A white candlestick. I was thinking of using it underneath a plate to make a lovely cake plate.
Originally $0.49 Sale $0.25

A cute brown polka-dot hot chocolate cup (my husband and I both don't drink coffee).
 Originally $0.49 sale $0.25

A pink block vase.  I'm not generally a huge pink fan, but I'm sure it will serve as a cute pop of color.
Originally $1.99 sale $0.99

My favorite item of the day- a stunning candle holder. I want to paint the silver parts black.  I think it would play off the 'marble' base quite well.  I may add some embellishments like white beads.
Originally $3.99 Sale $1.99

My second favorite item of the day was this adorable, dainty flower dish. To give an idea of the size, it would probably fit in the center of a saucer plate.  It was the only item not on sale.
Price $0.49

Finally, the clothing items, I couldn't resist.

A red sweater. A cherry skirt.  When picking these two out, I didn't realize they would coordinate so well.  I was planning to use the skirt for over my swimsuit in the summer. I had them model on the mannequin (which I'll describe someday soon).
Sweater- originally $2.99 sale $1.50
Skirt- originally $3.99 sale $1.99

Originally $3.99 sale $1.99

I can't wait to clean the items up and get my hands dirty.  Now only find the time...

The grand total:
Fifteen items for $15.35, not too bad huh?

0 Delayed, Postponed, Disappointed

You may have guessed it-- our closing date on the home was delayed.  What a bummer. We found out March 7th.

I guess it was inevitable.  It may be a bit of good news though as some things kind of come in our favor (but still needs to be taken care of AND it sets us back about a month).  Good news: it delays the first house payment, which could never hurt.  Possible good news **crosses fingers ** we may not have to move in such cold weather, as Mother Nature could give us spring early.  Cheah right, this is Wisconsin! Haha.  I stressed to the chain of command, I didn't want this dragged out passed April 15th.


In the meantime, I still keep pounding away at the document-fetching ordeal.  Yes, they require documentation for EVERYTHING.  I’m surprised I didn’t have to take a DNA test or provide a blood sample.  Wait do they need that...?

In other news, I went on a goodwill spree spending a whopping $13.00.  More details on that later once I gather pictures.

1 Excuses... at least they're valid ones right?

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while... actually since the very first post.  My apologies.  I have genuine excuses: not having the internet (other than while visiting my sisters), my hubby's grandma passed away, the hubby was home for the previous, planning my sisters and my big combo birthday party, general house material gathering, etc.  Ok enough with the excuses.

Living proof I don't have internet access. Yes, I have a picture of an Aston Martin on my desk top.  Yes I am a girl who likes her cars.

It was nice to have him home-- even though it would have been better under better circumstances-- as his grandma was the most wonderful grandma I have ever met. It also reminded me what supportive, sweet, caring, loving in-laws I have.

May she rest in piece.

Back to having the hubby home, before I get too sappy.

It's different (in a good way) to have him home when you're used to being alone.  We typically like to spend every second we can together, so it's no surprise when things get a little cranky. We had a tiny tiff like any normal couple... him thinking I should have the little towel because I have less 'surface area.'  My defense, I'm a girl so I should get the cushy things in life (don't judge, it was the only thing I could think of).  As a solution, I found similar large cushy towels, and no further remarks were made (other than a mutual promise to have large towels no matter what).

These were the towels we decided to gripe at each other about
Yes, this is visual proof of my pops' 70's bathroom. He doesn't like change.

Oh-- and he finally got to see the house that he picked out online.  He loved it.

This viewing was quite different than the norm as I had a posse with me.  You see, usually it's just me and my Realtor exploring all different homes together.  Occasionally, my amazing mother-in-law or my sister would tag a long as a stand-in for the hubby.  This time my crew was the hubby, my sister, my aunt, and my pops.  Talk about anxiety-- keeping everyone entertained while being the tour guide was not an easy task.  And here's a sneak peak of the house:

Photo Credit: Trulia.com.

T minus 9 days until that baby is ours!
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