0 There's always a beginning to every story...

Today is not exactly the beginning of my life story, relationship story, marriage story, etc. rather the start of my latest project the blog.

I believe it would be appropriate to begin by introducing myself. My name is Trisha I currently reside in Wisconsin. I briefly lived in California during a relationship with someone in the Marine Corps. Yes, I said the Marine Corps [oorah!].
Thankfully, the military experience wasn’t the worst; however, he was deployed for one-6 month time frame. War is never a pretty thing, but we were sort of lucky it was the end of the Iraq war.

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The military experience hasn’t brought on too many moves.

Now as you may be able to tell, one of my main goals [and I do not say resolutions as I would never follow them plus it’s no longer January] is to look on the bright side. There are many things to be negative about but I’m trying to turn them to positives. Yes, I tend to be prone to bad experiences but bad things can be turned around. For example, I had a rough week a few weeks ago and went out for happy hour with a few friends. As bad luck has it, a waitress (trying to avoid another customer) bumps my head with a heavy tray. I was a bit bummed, but soon after she came around and handed me a drink token. See-- good things can be had-- when bad things happen right? Right.

So now that a little bit of history has been established, on to the reason I have a blog and maybe some fun stuff?
I created this blog (admittedly, a little slow on the times with this one) to show off some skills when I eventually purchase a home.  I'm also a natural born shopper, and tend to look for the best steal.  So I hope posts about purchases will be plentiful.

I have always been a huge fan of HGTV and all the other renovation programs. Other inspiration came after reading and becoming infatuated with Young House Love.

The final decision came from surfing other blogs-- which kind of became an addiction. I loved all the flowing creativity, and eventually all the surfing became inspiring enough to jump-ship (OK so I watched Hustle & Flow a few weeks ago).

My first finalized blog header.

I cannot tell you how hard it was to choose a blog name. After some thought, google searches (to make sure it hasn’t already been done), and consideration I decided to name it Black & White Obsession. This comes from the fact, well, that I have a little huge place in my heart for black & white. Also, I remember reading on a blog (sorry I didn’t track them at the time) that your clothing can reflect your personal style. Well, as you can tell...

Yes, I color code my closet.  I think it makes things easier to find.
I have lots of clothes with lots of color. But it got me thinking... I have always loved black & white and it is the primary color combo I wear, plus more than half of my 'jewelry' collection consists of those two colors.

A dear friend and I at this passed year's Marine Corps Ball.  It is a damask 'mermaid' dress from Macy's and probably my favorite dress ever.

I'm super-obsessed and immediately drawn to the damask pattern (can you tell from my dress above?). The pattern is just sooo fabulous.

A little story behind the dress: we were low on funds at the time (living in California on one income because of the 12% un-employment rate near that base) and I picked the dress up regardless as I simply couldn't resist.  It was a little out of our price range at the time $160 and then a 20% off deal to $128 if I remember correctly.  He ended up deployed before the next Marine Corps ball so I held onto it and started the waiting game.  Because I am always learning patience, I ended up wearing it for a Halloween costume.  I went as barbie and a near and dear friend went as my GI Joe, as a substitute for the Marines absence over seas.  Which leads back to the photo above when I got to show-case it at the ball with my bestie.

Another black and white ramble:  When I was in high school, I begged to re-do my room and guess what it was...? Zebra stripes.  Yep, you read that right.  We even went a little over the top on the d├ęcor but inspiration has to start somewhere-- plus it was a ‘tween room’ quit judging.

Unfortunately, I don’t have photographic evidence but it is similar to the mood board I created below. Oddly similar I would say—the internet still seems to amaze me sometimes.  I toned down the mood board for your viewing pleasure- as my 'tween' room had much more zebra pattern throughout.

Similar to what my room looked like as a teen.
I’m thinking the black & white color combo will happen more often than not when I decide to re-do rooms in my future home. However, I don’t necessarily want it to be my primary focus when hunting for treasures. I do love the fact that black & white can play off of many other colors.

Doing a quick google search, I stumble upon some inspirational black & white:

I am no expert in the blog world and hope to go with the flow on this thing, so I hope I don’t offend anyone if I don’t follow the rules. Also, any tips/comments/ feedback are appreciated.

That's it folks, the introduction entry is finished, hope it wasn’t too dull and that no one fell asleep and I will leave you with this:

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