5 Lego Man Costume

Today's post is all about DIY'ing our way through our Zombie Lego Man Costumes. Of course the Pinterest Challenge (Sherry: here, Katie: here, Ana: here, and Erin: here) was just the kick in the tush we needed to really get these things out of our heads and into reality.

So before I get into pictures and details, lets question- How does one get the idea of becoming a Lego person for Halloween, you may ask? Well, a really cute friend of mine had me searching how to how to build Lego Simpsons, as he is a huge fan of the Simpsons. Sort of random but he would love to build the couch scene someday.  

Picture Location
While we were surfing, we stumbled across the picture below-- and that my friends was all the inspiration we needed to start this baby up.
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0 Belated Birthday

This is a delayed posting, but what's new.  My birthday was about a month ago and its one of those unmentionable milestones.

Picture Location
This year my sister and I decided to have a combined bash.  It was [in the voice of the Incredibles kid] toootttally wicked!  We originally wanted it to be a bit more extravagant as she also had an unmentionable milestone b-day as well.  I'm talking Hollywood theme, costumes, the whole shebang. But funding turned weak and we toned it down a bit.

I was envisioning paparazzi:
Screen Capture from the E! show Kendra: Let them eat cupcakes
One can order this here.
Dressing as Audrey Hepburn:
Picture Location left Picture Location right
Finger foods, cinema decor, etc.  An awards portion for best dressed, best supporting sister, best actor (throughout the night), etc. complete with statues and tickets given upon their arrival for voting.

Here's the original invite I created for the event:
picture momentarily not available

Here's what it ended up being in the end:
picture momentarily not available

In the end we ended up renting a venue with beautiful views of the river, a nice turn out with a good mix of family and friends.  We ordered this cute cake of both of us.
picture momentarily not available

It reminded us that we do not have enough decent pictures of us together, as this one was taken from her sons birthday quite a few years back.  Anyway, the cake was half raspberry and half banana.  The woman who made our cake (from Chris's cake creations btw) is pure genius when it comes to baking the perfect cake.

We still had 'finger food' like quesadillas, crackers and cheese, chips and salsa, etc. I made these cute little signs for the food to try to dress it up a bit.
picture momentarily not available

We kept a bit of the theme rolling with the black table cloths and popcorn buckets with streamer-thingies popping out.
 picture momentarily not available

I had one brother-in-law incident that was downplayed by amazing Aunts and Uncles.

I am not one to boast, or even accept gifts well but here are some of the neat gifts I got this year:
picture momentarily not available
For those that don't know, it's nook from my very thoughtful mother-in-law. She said she thought of the idea when we were on the plane home from Cali reading my book.  I looked over and a woman had one, and mentioned I liked the ones where I could read outside without the glare.  What a thoughtful woman!  As a side note, I'm relieved to hear she still wants to remain close.
picture momentarily not available

The next one I got from the marine and it was new headlights for my car.  Most people wouldn't think this a very thoughtful gift, but it was.  Considering mine took a nice sand blast from California sandstorms.  Buffing them out was a semi-failed attempt.

Click here if you want to buy one.

The next one was from one of my closest friends.  He really didn't have to get me anything.  He's pretty amazing.  He knows I don't accept gifts well, but he does it anyway.  But he managed to sneak in a target gift card.  You may think, boo, lame, etc, but it was a fantastic idea.  Why you say? because he's a tech guy and I always ask him about his review/opinion of tech gadgets. Yep he's that kinda awesome. Again, he really didn't have to get me anything.  Any-who, I've asked him for almost a year his opinion on external Hard Drives.  He always gave his opinion and I finally took the plunge.  Boy am I glad I waited, I got a 1.5 TB [Yes Terabytes with a T] external hard drive all for the low price of $79.99.  Sure, I probably could have gone online and purchased for less BUT I had a gift card and only ended up spending about $20 of my own mullah on this baby.  Did I mention, he really didn't have to get me anything?

Next up, my aunt-in-law if it is even a technical term.  She got me this ornate black flowered scarf.
picture momentarily not available

And these adorable earrings.
picture momentarily not available

Last but not least, pops got me a gift certificate to an incredibly delicious restaurant near me. 
 picture momentarily not available

Really these things were far beyond what I could imagine, as I really just wanted every one's presence.  Such thoughtful amazing gifts! 

2 Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

In the famous words of David Bowie: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes. Yep things are-a-changing.

Separation papers are in process. It's all too common now for the big 'D' word. [Had to add a little denial in there]
Source No Longer Available (blurring my denial with my editing skills) 
Now that that bomb has dropped lets see how things are changing (in no particular order):
  1. The 'D' causes further delays on a home.  Yes, still learning patience the hard way.
  2. Try to focus on positivity and ensure this change doesn't negatively affect daily life especially career-wise.
  3. College plans are now free to begin ANYTIME I want.
  4. Repairing old friendships and strengthening family ties.
  5. Changing focus on daily life and future plans.
  6. Remain positive (yes, this is listed twice).
  7. Right before it all unraveled, I started focusing on healthy living with diet and exercise.  Maintaining this is key to me personally.

With Karate every-other-day and running on opposite days, I think soon enough I can add in 100 crunches or so.  Bathing suit-awesome summer here I come!

This post may not make a whole lot of sense right now, but that's kind of how life is at this point.

Signing off.

0 Pinterest

It's been a while again since the last post. Good news: I finally got internet, bad news: no house yet.

So I can't help it if I'm a huge fan of younghouselove.com. They're so inspirational. They had a post, about a week ago, on a website called pinterest.com.  At first I was like, ugg another website.  But now I'm obsessed.  Here are only a few of the reason this site is friggin amazing:

1. I no longer need to save inspirational photos on my computer (although I'm a little leery when links become broken).
2. I have umpteen new places to search for inspiration.
3. It's easy organization
4. There's a comments section.
5. I can follow people.
I could go on and on.

0 Back from Vacation

It all started with my mother-in law asking if we wanted to go visit the hubby in PALM SPRINGS. How could I resist? 

So we planned and planned and finally we hopped a plane.  We were welcomed with beautiful weather which was sunny, warm, and just completely gorgeous-- the total opposite from snow/rain mix and 20°F Wisconsin weather.  It was the perfect time to unwind, kick up our feet, and relax. Of course we had some adventures including TONS of shopping, sea world, and visiting his base. 

When booking the hotel in Palm Springs, we were little mislead, but this trip was not about enjoying the hotel atmosphere. Here's one of the pictures they showed on their website:
Looks luxurious right?  Well imagine some stains, cracks, and untamed grass. On the other hand the pool and hot tub were well maintained- all that matters anyway am I right?

1 Goodwill bargains

So, I have been a goodwill/thrift store shopper since I was very young.  Now that we're close to purchasing a home, I may turn this into an addiction.

In our area, we have designated days for 50% off certain tags. So I bought a few things...
First up is some holiday stuff, which will probably go straight to storage containers once we move in.

This charming Christmas cup.
 Originally $0.99 sale $0.50

A light-up pumpkin, already black.
Originally $1.99 sale $0.99

Here's a cute candle holder, I saw a few more (a few days before) but the others seemed to have sold.
Originally $0.49 sale $0.25

Two dazzling heart dishes, which will probably be used for Valentine's Day.
 Originally $0.99 sale $0.50 each

Next are some house items. Two medium bowls.
Originally $0.99 sale $0.50 each

A white candlestick. I was thinking of using it underneath a plate to make a lovely cake plate.
Originally $0.49 Sale $0.25

A cute brown polka-dot hot chocolate cup (my husband and I both don't drink coffee).
 Originally $0.49 sale $0.25

A pink block vase.  I'm not generally a huge pink fan, but I'm sure it will serve as a cute pop of color.
Originally $1.99 sale $0.99

My favorite item of the day- a stunning candle holder. I want to paint the silver parts black.  I think it would play off the 'marble' base quite well.  I may add some embellishments like white beads.
Originally $3.99 Sale $1.99

My second favorite item of the day was this adorable, dainty flower dish. To give an idea of the size, it would probably fit in the center of a saucer plate.  It was the only item not on sale.
Price $0.49

Finally, the clothing items, I couldn't resist.

A red sweater. A cherry skirt.  When picking these two out, I didn't realize they would coordinate so well.  I was planning to use the skirt for over my swimsuit in the summer. I had them model on the mannequin (which I'll describe someday soon).
Sweater- originally $2.99 sale $1.50
Skirt- originally $3.99 sale $1.99

Originally $3.99 sale $1.99

I can't wait to clean the items up and get my hands dirty.  Now only find the time...

The grand total:
Fifteen items for $15.35, not too bad huh?

0 Delayed, Postponed, Disappointed

You may have guessed it-- our closing date on the home was delayed.  What a bummer. We found out March 7th.

I guess it was inevitable.  It may be a bit of good news though as some things kind of come in our favor (but still needs to be taken care of AND it sets us back about a month).  Good news: it delays the first house payment, which could never hurt.  Possible good news **crosses fingers ** we may not have to move in such cold weather, as Mother Nature could give us spring early.  Cheah right, this is Wisconsin! Haha.  I stressed to the chain of command, I didn't want this dragged out passed April 15th.


In the meantime, I still keep pounding away at the document-fetching ordeal.  Yes, they require documentation for EVERYTHING.  I’m surprised I didn’t have to take a DNA test or provide a blood sample.  Wait do they need that...?

In other news, I went on a goodwill spree spending a whopping $13.00.  More details on that later once I gather pictures.

1 Excuses... at least they're valid ones right?

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while... actually since the very first post.  My apologies.  I have genuine excuses: not having the internet (other than while visiting my sisters), my hubby's grandma passed away, the hubby was home for the previous, planning my sisters and my big combo birthday party, general house material gathering, etc.  Ok enough with the excuses.

Living proof I don't have internet access. Yes, I have a picture of an Aston Martin on my desk top.  Yes I am a girl who likes her cars.

It was nice to have him home-- even though it would have been better under better circumstances-- as his grandma was the most wonderful grandma I have ever met. It also reminded me what supportive, sweet, caring, loving in-laws I have.

May she rest in piece.

Back to having the hubby home, before I get too sappy.

It's different (in a good way) to have him home when you're used to being alone.  We typically like to spend every second we can together, so it's no surprise when things get a little cranky. We had a tiny tiff like any normal couple... him thinking I should have the little towel because I have less 'surface area.'  My defense, I'm a girl so I should get the cushy things in life (don't judge, it was the only thing I could think of).  As a solution, I found similar large cushy towels, and no further remarks were made (other than a mutual promise to have large towels no matter what).

These were the towels we decided to gripe at each other about
Yes, this is visual proof of my pops' 70's bathroom. He doesn't like change.

Oh-- and he finally got to see the house that he picked out online.  He loved it.

This viewing was quite different than the norm as I had a posse with me.  You see, usually it's just me and my Realtor exploring all different homes together.  Occasionally, my amazing mother-in-law or my sister would tag a long as a stand-in for the hubby.  This time my crew was the hubby, my sister, my aunt, and my pops.  Talk about anxiety-- keeping everyone entertained while being the tour guide was not an easy task.  And here's a sneak peak of the house:

Photo Credit: Trulia.com.

T minus 9 days until that baby is ours!

0 There's always a beginning to every story...

Today is not exactly the beginning of my life story, relationship story, marriage story, etc. rather the start of my latest project the blog.

I believe it would be appropriate to begin by introducing myself. My name is Trisha I currently reside in Wisconsin. I briefly lived in California during a relationship with someone in the Marine Corps. Yes, I said the Marine Corps [oorah!].
Thankfully, the military experience wasn’t the worst; however, he was deployed for one-6 month time frame. War is never a pretty thing, but we were sort of lucky it was the end of the Iraq war.

 Photo Credit

The military experience hasn’t brought on too many moves.

Now as you may be able to tell, one of my main goals [and I do not say resolutions as I would never follow them plus it’s no longer January] is to look on the bright side. There are many things to be negative about but I’m trying to turn them to positives. Yes, I tend to be prone to bad experiences but bad things can be turned around. For example, I had a rough week a few weeks ago and went out for happy hour with a few friends. As bad luck has it, a waitress (trying to avoid another customer) bumps my head with a heavy tray. I was a bit bummed, but soon after she came around and handed me a drink token. See-- good things can be had-- when bad things happen right? Right.

So now that a little bit of history has been established, on to the reason I have a blog and maybe some fun stuff?
I created this blog (admittedly, a little slow on the times with this one) to show off some skills when I eventually purchase a home.  I'm also a natural born shopper, and tend to look for the best steal.  So I hope posts about purchases will be plentiful.

I have always been a huge fan of HGTV and all the other renovation programs. Other inspiration came after reading and becoming infatuated with Young House Love.

The final decision came from surfing other blogs-- which kind of became an addiction. I loved all the flowing creativity, and eventually all the surfing became inspiring enough to jump-ship (OK so I watched Hustle & Flow a few weeks ago).

My first finalized blog header.

I cannot tell you how hard it was to choose a blog name. After some thought, google searches (to make sure it hasn’t already been done), and consideration I decided to name it Black & White Obsession. This comes from the fact, well, that I have a little huge place in my heart for black & white. Also, I remember reading on a blog (sorry I didn’t track them at the time) that your clothing can reflect your personal style. Well, as you can tell...

Yes, I color code my closet.  I think it makes things easier to find.
I have lots of clothes with lots of color. But it got me thinking... I have always loved black & white and it is the primary color combo I wear, plus more than half of my 'jewelry' collection consists of those two colors.

A dear friend and I at this passed year's Marine Corps Ball.  It is a damask 'mermaid' dress from Macy's and probably my favorite dress ever.

I'm super-obsessed and immediately drawn to the damask pattern (can you tell from my dress above?). The pattern is just sooo fabulous.

A little story behind the dress: we were low on funds at the time (living in California on one income because of the 12% un-employment rate near that base) and I picked the dress up regardless as I simply couldn't resist.  It was a little out of our price range at the time $160 and then a 20% off deal to $128 if I remember correctly.  He ended up deployed before the next Marine Corps ball so I held onto it and started the waiting game.  Because I am always learning patience, I ended up wearing it for a Halloween costume.  I went as barbie and a near and dear friend went as my GI Joe, as a substitute for the Marines absence over seas.  Which leads back to the photo above when I got to show-case it at the ball with my bestie.

Another black and white ramble:  When I was in high school, I begged to re-do my room and guess what it was...? Zebra stripes.  Yep, you read that right.  We even went a little over the top on the d├ęcor but inspiration has to start somewhere-- plus it was a ‘tween room’ quit judging.

Unfortunately, I don’t have photographic evidence but it is similar to the mood board I created below. Oddly similar I would say—the internet still seems to amaze me sometimes.  I toned down the mood board for your viewing pleasure- as my 'tween' room had much more zebra pattern throughout.

Similar to what my room looked like as a teen.
I’m thinking the black & white color combo will happen more often than not when I decide to re-do rooms in my future home. However, I don’t necessarily want it to be my primary focus when hunting for treasures. I do love the fact that black & white can play off of many other colors.

Doing a quick google search, I stumble upon some inspirational black & white:

I am no expert in the blog world and hope to go with the flow on this thing, so I hope I don’t offend anyone if I don’t follow the rules. Also, any tips/comments/ feedback are appreciated.

That's it folks, the introduction entry is finished, hope it wasn’t too dull and that no one fell asleep and I will leave you with this:

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